Why Bowser is not the Greatest Villain Of All Time

The Guinness Book of Records, reckons Bowser is the greatest boss of all time. VGI disagrees. VGI thinks he's rubbish.

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Zodiac1874d ago

I think you are looking to deep into this. Yes, there are other characters that better match the criteria you have, but most of them have "died". Bower still "lives" decades after he is introduced.

A good Villain-or any character for that matter-is able to stand the tests of time.

Bowser has simple boss battles, has one goal in life, and he remains a "powerful" character to this day.

Most of the villains that better fir your criteria have been forgotten or are being constantly replaced in the mind s of the gamers.

You are looking at "greatest" villain from a different angle. At least in my opinion.

You are not wrong at all. Everything you stated in the article makes sense, but you are being too literal.

Chris_Hyde1874d ago

You've hit the nail on the head when you mention the definition of "great".

There are many different ways you could define greatness especially in something that has negative connotations - such as villainy.

I guess I was looking at it from a point of villains who I enjoy playing against - as the hero. I love Mario games, but not because of Bowser is the villain, but because of other things.

A good point to raise nevertheless.

rezzah1874d ago

The author of the article has a one sided view on villainy, but of course in some aspects he can be correct.

I think the only reason why Bowser is seen as the greatest villain, is akin to Mario being the icon in the gaming industry.

You have the most popular/recognize hero, and then because his villain lived alongside him, Bowser must be known as the greatest of his kind.

It is a popularity contest on who "lives" the longest.

Now if you want to look at the greatest villains, break down the topic of the variation of villains. Pick the greatest of each topic, and then finalize over which is greater.

In terms of the villain who simply lived the longest, would Bowser be number one? Or would it be the Ghost from Pacman?

Hydralysk1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Well, if we're talking about villains I would hesitate to even count the ghosts. In Mario games there's at least the barebones of a story: Turtle likes princess, turtle kidnaps princess, go save princess and her kingdom from turtle.

Pac-man didn't have ANY context for it's action, you were a yellow pie chart, there were ghosts chasing you, eat the pellets. The ghosts were simply a gameplay mechanic, not characters in and of themselves (and yes I know they had names, still doesn't make them characters). For all we knew those pellets could've been ghost eggs and the ghosts were protecting their young. We can't really call them villains when we have no context or motives for our actions.

BullyMangler1874d ago

h ahaa . bowser = king coopa = shape shifter = boned peach = your daddy

Derekvinyard131874d ago

Zodiac, great job on posting a real opinion on here, good discussions are what i miss on N4G

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AdmiralSnake1874d ago

He's Iconic. I never heard of Bowser being the greatest though lmao.

1nsaint1874d ago

Ikr, everyone and their mom knows bowser's a pussy

Fyflin1874d ago

I wonder if Nintendo will ever make a game where you play as Bowser for a change. They've done it with Luigi and Wario so it must have been considered at some point.

Zechs341874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

Bowser's Inside Story for the DS.

Thank me later.

TheEnigma3131874d ago

I remember he was king koopa. I feel old.

mamotte1874d ago

I know that feeling bro.

Hydralysk1874d ago (Edited 1874d ago )

I can't see how anyone would consider Bowser the greatest video game villain, at least looking at it in terms of a narrative.

His actions resemble Wile E Coyote's antics more than any genuinely threatening villains.

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