Skype ponders in-game video calling for Xbox 720

Is Skype the perfect counter to the PS4 social gaming revolution?
Skype may play a far bigger role on the 720 than was first thought.

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Gildarts1870d ago

That would be freaking awesome!

Bumpmapping1870d ago

I really hope they charge me separate for this wonderful service....Nothing better than being taken advantage by a greedy American company who takes me for every thing I got /s

Gaikai>Skype PS4 4 Life.

Gildarts1870d ago

I'm sorry how exactly does gaikai and Skype compare?
This is about video calling not streaming games.

hazardman1870d ago

Man this would be great intergration and only makes sense since MS own them now. And for whatever its worth, Skype is pretty good, one of the better investments MS has made in awhile.