Take-Two: New GTA every two years would degrade series value

GS:Take-Two Interactive has explained why it does not release a new Grand Theft Auto game every two years. Speaking during the Wedbush Transformational Technologies Conference this week, chief operating officer Karl Slatoff explained doing so would degrade the franchise's value.

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Prcko1961d ago

just announce gta V for ps4 and i will be happy!

egidem1961d ago

"Take-Two: New GTA every two years would degrade series value"


xHeavYx1961d ago

I agree with Take Two, but when you see COD outselling itself every year (while losing hope in humanity) you can't help but wonder what the hell is going on

fermcr1961d ago

Just announce the PC version of GTA5 (and release date) and I'll be happy. Everybody knows it exists, so get on with it.

FlyingFoxy1961d ago

Hopefully it does, it has a lot of potential.. as long as we can have a huge amount of players online like SA-MP and customizable game modes it will be great.

TXIDarkAvenger1961d ago

I find it funny how people agree with announcing a PS4 version even though it won't be much different from the PS3 version but then have the nerve of disagreeing with someone who wants it announced for the PC which btw will actually be much different from consoles.

1nsaint1961d ago

My guess is that they wait for the 720 reveal before they announce anything for next-gen.
If they plan to release it for next-gen, but i think they will.

The release got delayed a few weeks before the ps4 announcement.

Coincidence? I think not.

Derekvinyard131961d ago

@ heavy

Because demand in quality these days is downhill,

showtimefolks1961d ago

i agree, what makes GTA so special is the wait time and not knowing much till Rockstar are ready to show a little bit

i am fine with a new GTA every 4 years

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MooseWI1961d ago

And yet Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty and probably more are releasing every year and getting amazing sales numbers. The value of the brand though? Maybe not as good.


I think this generation of gaming has seen a new breed of gamers that will just jump on any game with a little hype.

I am not speaking for everyone here, but happy T2 don't try and pull that crap with GTA both cod and AC seem to be dropping in quality each year.

People buy the games on hype and sure the trailers and dev interviews would make you really think you are getting a real quality game, but the games seem to always turn out worse then anyone could have thought.

I know a lot of people who didn't enjoy AC3 and personally I could not finish that game. Blops2 seems to finally be dropping in the number of people online that play MP. don't get me wrong it's still a lot higher then most games, but I have started to see it hit the 250k mark which is low for cod compared to past installments.

Two nights in a row I have come online and not had one person on my friends list playing it... Not one! There was a time that such a thing was unheard of.

Again I am not saying my friends list makes up the entire population of xboxlive or anything, but when the exodus begins it starts one footstep at a time..

I love GTA (yes even gta4) and I would hate to see it go down the same path as those games.

just my thoughts.

uncharted561961d ago

But with time less and less people are excited about these games and the quality of these games dont improve. Even though I am excited for AC4 because it is a series which is completely different from anything I have ever played and the new game seems to be doing a lot of things right including an interesting and more flushed out protagonist.

NYC_Gamer1961d ago

I'm happy T2 doesn't wanna milk the GTA franchise with new releases every year or two

koehler831961d ago

Good to see someone gets it.

nevin11961d ago

Pretty much JeremyEdson said what I was thinking.

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