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GR: We've been told to expect the most horrific, vile, and violent terrors we've ever seen in the Dead Space universe in Awakened, but that might sound too good to be true for fans who found Dead Space 3's emphasis on action the scariest part of the full game. I'm here to tell you that Awakened just might deliver on those lofty promises, and we've got Isaac Clarke's broken psyche to thank.

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dbjj120881962d ago

Definitely this looks cool. Co-op buddies?

TrendyGamers1962d ago

I'll definitely check this out after I beat DS3.

ftwrthtx1962d ago

Time to turn off the lights and jump back in the game.

Rhezin1962d ago

ugh march 12th, right as GoW: Ascension hits releases. Woulda been perfect if theyda released it this week.

doctorstrange1962d ago

Yeah, Kratos will win my attention

dbjj120881962d ago

Agreed. But I'm sure some people who bought Dead Space aren't buying GoW.

Wedge191962d ago

Or the $10 price point will be low enough to lure people into both.

tigertron1962d ago

This actually looks scary, anyway, count me in, I want to know what happens!