Take-Two has 'extensive pipeline' of unannounced titles in development

GS:Grand Theft Auto parent publisher Take-Two Interactive has an "extensive pipeline of unannounced titles in development" that will be unveiled in the months ahead. Chief operating officer Karl Slatoff revealed the news during a Wedbush Transformational Technologies Conference this week.

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FriedGoat1875d ago

Or the game/games Rockstar said they were working on for the Vita before it released.

TechnicianTed1875d ago

What games did Rockstar say they were making for the Vita?

Prcko1876d ago (Edited 1876d ago )

Read dead redemption 2 next gen PLEASEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
I would chase you through the streets with the wild eyes of a mental patient while chucking wads of money at you if you announced that game-stolen :p

MooseWI1876d ago

I have a feeling E3 this year is going to be very good.

SDF Repellent1876d ago

It better be Red Dead II. That is my favorite game this generation.

Cam9771875d ago

You mean Red Dead III?

SDF Repellent1875d ago

It is Red Dead Revolver II, The original Capcom game was Red Dead Redemption, it is a spiritual prequel but has nothing to do with Rockstar's game.

Cam9771875d ago

Let's hope one of the following is included:
• Grand theft auto Vita
• Red Dead 3
• Bully 2
• New Midnight Club

1875d ago
ziggurcat1875d ago

'extensive pipeline'


on topic: i can't wait to see what these guys have lined up.

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