The SimCity Debacle – 5 Ways SimCity Shows Everything Thats Wrong With Modern Gaming

"Encouraging people to work together is laudable, but sometimes I want to live or die based on my own choices. I want to take responsibility for my own (cities) fate. If I can do that while playing without being online or waiting in a queue too, all the better.", Says CalmDownTom

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DarkFireHawk2027d ago

I agree. I really hate what EA is doing to the industry.

Yi-Long2027d ago

... EA once again didn't listen to what many of us already feared, and those fears now became true.

Putting an 'always online' demand on a game that many of us have enjoyed and WANT to enjoy as a Single-player game and OFFLINE, has very much ruined the game, at least this first week, for many.

Our 2nd fear and 3rd fear, namely micro-transactions and too small cities, have already been mentioned as well in both feedback as well as (not too admiring) reviews.

After the great Sim City 4, this seems to be the 2nd time EA has screwed up with the Sim City license (the first one being Sim City Societies), not counting the Facebook game.

Such a shame :( I still love Sim City 4 so I guess I'll stick with that.

tachy0n2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

just find the crack and crack the game, since you bought the game there is no problem with cracking it....

off to the piratebay you should go and download the crack.



Blacktric2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

"5 Ways SimCity Shows Everything Thats Wrong With Modern Gaming"

-Always online DRM
-Dumbed down gameplay
-Marketing overhype months before release
-Delivering a half assed product on launch day that's beyond redeeming
-Treating customers like sh*t after they ask for a refund and threatening them with the possibility of getting their accounts banned

From the top of my head.

And then they went full on damage control mode and published the half assed video below.

And the sad thing is, this crap will keep happening over and over for a very long time, thanks to kiddies that keep buying the crap that EA produces. It happened with Dragon Age 2, Dead Space 3 and many other games before. And it will keep happening.

amiga-man2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Totally agree if gamers put up with crap they shouldn't be surprised to be treated as such, M$ charging for online access is just more of the same until people demand better things will only get worse

ThreshStar2027d ago

I completely agree with the "Social" aspect.

As much as I like the idea of building a city with someone, online gaming has taught me one thing: Gamers truly are a pile of garbage.

Yes, there are good, respectable, honest, and cooperative gamers out there that want to get together to have a good time. However I find myself running into a LOT of selfish, greedy, disregarding players.

If you want "Always online / Social / Cooperative" games to take over the market, Publishers & Developers need to do two things:

1.) Help the gaming community because a respectable place with decent human beings

2.) Stop treating us like we're drooling idiots. We're not. Hopefully.

kevnb2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

wouldnt be such a huge deal if they just had enough servers... And this article is making way too many assumptions for me to take seriously.

Bordel_19002027d ago

I was going to buy Sim City, then I read a review that stated that they had lots of problems during the review. The game kicked them out and they lost hours of play, they couldn't log back on again etc.

I didn't buy it and I'm glad I didn't.

jmac532027d ago

I hope Microsoft is watching this if they are considering an always online console. They would be in for a world of hurt if you couldn't even turn your console on because of Xbox live server issues.

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