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Smarter AI Coming to PlayStation 4 Games via Xaitment

Xaitment, the creators of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) software for software title and simulation developers, today announced that it is supporting PlayStation 4 by Sony Computer Entertainment (PS4, Tag Invalid)

Da Ill One  +   905d ago
when I click the link it says "You do not have permission to preview drafts." if you can fix that i'll approve.
classic200  +   905d ago
phsyx check
eligtment check
xaitment check
Apex check

Seems like the PS4 is getting all the the things I cant find on a wiiu. Cant wait to see all these features used especially xaitment because AI next generation will be a huge leap because of the amount of ram. Anything goes next gen with unpredictable AI in open world or linear story driven experiences.

Also I hope next gen open world games including next gen GTA all have buildings that I can enter, elders scroll as been doing this but now with the amount of memory I can see them doing it without load times.

Just imagine playing GTA and I can enter any house to escape from cops, run through the front door and head to the back. Not possible without more power
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mamotte  +   905d ago
I cant deny all the things you've said, but is it really that hard to love something WITHOUT hating something else?
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classic200  +   905d ago

I still remember the nintendo fans who preach day and night about the wiiu and PS4 will be significantly equal in power lol.

Yes my friend pointing out the obvious in comments is hating when I never said I hate the wiiu.
first1NFANTRY  +   905d ago
I hope M$ incorporates xaitment into their future kinect projects.

More realism in dance masters ftw /s
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MasterCornholio  +   905d ago
Wii U is so underpowered that epic games states that developers should use the old Unreal 3 engine on it instead of the new Unreal 4 engine.

Im not surprised at all that this has happened.

"He clarifies this statement by saying that "We'll run on mobile phones and on a wide variety of things, so if a customer decides they want to port an Unreal Engine 4 game to Wii U, they could," but emphasizes that "Unreal Engine 3 is a really good fit for that platform."

The Wii U is going to be behind in the gameplay department due to inferior physics and AI.


By the way i dont hate the Wii U i am just dissapointed that Nintendo decided to create a weak console instead of a console powerful enough (doesnt have to be as powerful as the PS4) to handle all next gen engines. In a while multiplatform developers will use the excuse that the platform is to weak to handle their games. Which is exactly what happened to the Wii.
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user7693958  +   905d ago
@mamotte your comment contradict himself haha

Why you feel offended? it's a wake up call we gamers will have love Ninty to go next gen but they don't really care and to be honest they have never care.. they are more of a kids console and they have always been that.

the hate wii u is getting is beause they present them self as a next gen console and they are just not that.
theya re now to expensive for kids and not to advanced in term of tech for the hardcore gamer. = fail
MysticStrummer  +   905d ago
News about better AI is far more exciting to me than seeing the next gen graphics, as nice looking as some of them have been so far. Only time will tell how much better this round of AI is. I thought AI would improve during the 360/PS3 era, but other than a couple of exceptions I felt like the average AI didn't improve nearly as much as I hoped. I'm talking about true AI, not scripted events, though I'm fine with some of those as well. For me great AI and animation are more important than graphics.

I wonder how this will effect the AI in Watch Dogs, if at all. Hopefully devs will think of good ways to make use of the better AI soon. Next gen just got even more interesting to me, but I'm also prepared for another letdown if things don't improve as much as I hope they will.

Peace and good gaming.
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The_Infected  +   905d ago
I can't believe all the things PS4 will incorporate. So much news coming in and it's just better all the time. As of right now PS4 is sounding beyond amazing!
adorie  +   905d ago
Regarding the PS4 news:
lovegames718  +   905d ago
Things just get better and better. One of ppls main gripes ith this gen and what they wanted to see in next gen consoles were better AL, there you go.
caseh  +   905d ago
Really, I must have missed that as I don't think i've EVER heard complaints about games in general having poor AI this gen.

This is just a bullsh*t buzzword like BURST PROCESSING used to market the Genesis back in the day..


Define 'something new', AI generally does what it needs to do. In FPS it takes cover, fires back at you, flanks etc. in Football it defends or attacks depending on the current situation.


Ever played a game online where your human team mates can't even walk through a door.

AI can only do so much, if it evolves at a rate some people are expecting it to your PS4 will become self aware and play your games for you.
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Fyflin  +   905d ago
It's not necessarily poor AI, it's just that it hasn't advanced from last gen in the same way that the graphics have.

When was the last time you honestly played a game with AI that did something new?
younglj01  +   905d ago
then you haven't played an game where your AI teammate can't even walk through an door 2m infront of them....

Not going too name the game bc i dont want too be a troll but that game had the worst AI i have played...
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   905d ago
Sony are certainly ticking all the right boxes for PS4. Now just need the price and release date - but Im already good to go with it.
younglj01  +   905d ago
smartest AI i played against this gen have too go too Socom 4...
TechnicianTed  +   905d ago
Fear would have my vote. Incredible ai, and although a lot of it was mostly an illusion, it was very believable.
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MikeMyers  +   897d ago
"Don't block me on a PM it's immature"

That is exactly what you did to me. You PM'd me (I didn't PM you first) and after a few replies back and forth you blocked me because you didn't like being accountable for your actions.
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user7693958  +   905d ago
KILLZONE 2 elite mode is beyond anything..
sadly KZ3 felt cheap compared to KZ2 on AI and controls tech
MysticStrummer  +   905d ago
Yeah KZ2 AI was better, but KZ3 AI was still above average. I didn't mind the change in the feel of the controls, though I think a midpoint between the two extremes would be my preference. I nearly always turn down the look speed as soon as I start an FPS. SOCOM 4's AI was above average too. I can't wait to see how this new round of AIs will perform. I just hope I don't expect too much like I did for the most part this gen.
clintagious650  +   905d ago
This is great news. This is KEY AREA the gaming industry is lacking in. Hopefully they push this area so it adds to the OVERALL experience.
momthemeatloaf  +   905d ago
I think the core playstation fan demands too much in the wrong areas, like big budget graphics and exclusives and I think it's killing Sony because they don't sell well because these games don't appeal to casual gamers.

Sony needs to get back to focusing on making a gaming experience, not a graphical experience.

Minecraft is a gaming experience. Uncharted is playing a movie.
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Ashunderfire86  +   905d ago
They are doing all the above, so don't worry about it. I just hope Assassin Creed: Black Flag, has even better A.I. for next generation. Please Ubisoft don't make me face the enemy A.I. one by one, while a group of them stand there next in line to fight me lol!!! I really like how the A.I. can run up roof tops to chase you in Assassin Creed games, but I still think there is more room for better A.I. The Halo series has one of the best A.I. I have ever seen, especially on the Legendary difficulty. Damn those Jackals with snipers!!! The only A.I. that was really lacking in Halo was the friendly A.I. Man they can't drive for shit!!! Man they die way too easy, even in Halo 4. Crysis 1 had those Kamikaze North Korean Solider A.I., who is super crazy to kill you, even if it kills them. Call of Duty will have no excuse to have lackuster A.I. just charging you while you empty bullets in them. PC, SteamBox, PS4, Xbox Next lead the way, and make us proud once again. I love the excitment of Next Gen, and the smell of the new consoles when you first open them.
Genuine-User  +   905d ago
Here is what I think:

Minecraft in a nutshell is interactive and customisable.
Uncharted in a nutshell is interactive, immersive and engaging.

Both are good in their own way.
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first1NFANTRY  +   905d ago
I love how every excuse of last gen is being eliminated by the day. Now we'll see which dev is being lazy and the ones putting in work. The technology is there with no limits.

So much win in the ps4 it would be criminal for anyone who calls themselves a gamer to not give it try at least.

AI was incredible in games like Killzone 2 so i'm very excited to see how advanced NPC's and enemies will be next gen.

Great gaming moments ahead!

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Ashunderfire86  +   905d ago
The Lazyness would be the Call of Duty developer, well they are running out of steam so they have no excuse. I predict that this year and next year, Call of Duty is going to be owned by Killzone ShadowFall, Repawn's secret FPS game, Battlefield 4, and etc. I hope to see a football game from a different company other than EA please!!! 2K come back!!!
ziggurcat  +   905d ago
"Smarter AI Coming to PlayStation 4 Games via Xaitment"

well, duh... more power available means better AI, along with smoother frame rate, and high graphics fidelity.
teedogg80  +   905d ago
The PS4 just keeps sounding better and better each day. I got cash ready right now to throw at it.
Eyesoftheraven  +   905d ago
I can't help but feel excited but I've also heard this type of chanter oh, I don't know, about 7 times before before almost every other console release. So I'm going to err on the side of caution this time.
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