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r212021d ago

Ok, that enemy looks pretty terrifying. Doesnt justify this DLC though.

Marcello2021d ago

hhmmmm i hate to rant but first they give us Gears of Lost Planet now they copy Silent Hill. I just dont get it ?? Dead Space 1 had its own unique way of doing horror which was excellent, instead of copying themselves, they use other games ??

Lvl_up_gamer2021d ago

I completely agree with you.

I am disappointed in the lack of horror and terror in DS3 but even though this is clearly influenced by Silent Hill, I have to admit it's nice to finally get the proper horror in DS3. I just may buy this DLC cause I really need some horror in my DS games and DS3 has none of it.

Blastoise2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

Looks like another thing that just should have been in the game.

first1NFANTRY2021d ago (Edited 2021d ago )

I'm sure this could have easily been in the game.

I've got a new slogan for these corporate goons:

EA "it's NOT in the game" lol

GasTankKiller2021d ago

Looks cool but as of right now I'm done with the Dead Space franchise. Maybe I'll buy the DLC when its 50 percent off or when PlayStation Plus members get it for free.

punisher992021d ago

Guys I have to admit. I havent played Dead space 3 yet. Is it really that bad? I've heard some bad things about it. I thought the demo was okay. If anyone has the full game, tell me what you think.

Ron_Danger2021d ago

Time for me to get a ton of disagrees, but no, it's not bad. People are calling it Gears because you can now crouch and take cover in the 10 small areas in the game where enemies shoot back. The rest of the game is all about jump scares with enemies jumping out of vents and dead bodies getting reanimated. You have to look at the story and gameplay like most movie trilogies: First movie is about exploring the unknown and trying to survive. Second is about the character having a "rebirth" of sorts as far as character development. And the third and final is about taking control of yourself and going on the offense. Play it with a friend also. The co op is a lot of fun.

Revolver_X_2021d ago

N4G is the wrong place for honest opinions. Every game gets hate here. But, DS3 is a great game. Loved the ending.

r212020d ago

Its not a bad game per say but more like the least scariest game of the Dead Space series. Crafting system is pretty fun, two weapon limit may suck at first but being able to combine 2 weapons into one, it makes sense. Downsides include enemies are not that scary, some are annoying to fight, ammo is universal, and theres no upgrade to your inventory slots.

All in all, an ok Dead Space that doesnt beat its predecessors.