Unboxing God of War: Ascension Normal & Special Edition [ Trophy List Included ]

Unboxing God of War: Ascension normal and special edition.
Showing the official Trophy list from the game too.

sparta761148d ago

Lucky guy.... We have to wait to next week.

DhionatanSantos1148d ago

But, I don't get it. why is it that he's got the game already?

rezzah1148d ago

Some people might be in a position to get, or may know someone who can get the game from the place they work at.

This guy on my friends list has a friend who works at some game store, his friend gets him the games a week before they officially release. This is because companies receive the shipment of games prior to the release date.

GenericNameHere1148d ago

Haha at one of the trophies
Maybe Drake skin once you beat the game? Or when you get the trophy?

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