New Dead or Alive 5 Plus screenshots, demo coming, details

GE: "Tecmo Koei has officially confirmed a demo for Dead or Alive Plus."

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Snookies121907d ago

Wow, seems they're going all out with this version. Very good to see a developer actually giving their all with the Vita.

DivineAssault 1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

i love this game series.. I just hope they dont go too damn far with the perversity lol.. Great game to have on the go

antiai1907d ago

This version is for perverts, just saying

CEOSteveBallmer1907d ago

So all gamers who played DOA are perverts? even girls who played this? don't tell me its this vita version only, the developers just added a little extra. Its still the same game.