Sony PlayStation launches PS3 in Three colourful variants

Sony PlayStation, the leading player in the console gaming segment, announces the launch of the PlayStation 3 (PS3) in three new body colours.

Besides the principal charcoal Black, PS3 500 GB will soon be available in Classic White, Garnet Red and Azurite Blue. The attractive colour variant comes with an additional Dualshock controller of the same body colour free of cost.

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GreenRanger1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

I want a green PS3 with the buttons on the controller made out of emerald.

first1NFANTRY1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

How about a next gen power ranger game while we're at it?

Oh wait M$ already has that, never mind carry on.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1721d ago

I bought me a white ps3 slim yesterday :)!

MrWonderful1721d ago

I bought the white bundle here in the states. That thing is sexy. Might try to import a blue one for the bedroom

fOrlOnhOpe571721d ago

I really fancy upgrading to another new PS3 but can't decide on the colour. At least there's plenty of time to save for PS4. I'm convinced we won't see it out here in the UK/Europe till next year. Oh well, plenty of games I need to catch up on.


Im sure the most rare of the 3 colors would be Blue, if that helps.

djthechamp241721d ago

Why not launch the PS4 in different colourful variants

OpenGL1721d ago

What will Sony sell you in 2-3 years when the PS4 isn't brand new?

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