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EDGE: "The city of Luxerion is a stark contrast to the tight corridors of Final Fantasy XIII. Crowds of NPCs wander the streets, and Lightning – back once more in the hands of players – is able to explore these paths freely. There’s a day/night cycle, sidequests to pick up and roaming monsters to battle. It’s the rich, dynamic space that’s been sorely missing from an increasingly static series."

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ritsuka6661962d ago

As much as I love Lightning, I hope other FFXIII characters make an appearance in this at some point or another. I can't wait for this game to come out!

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o-Sunny-o1962d ago

Lightning should of been a guy. I hate her personality with a passion.

caseh1962d ago

I felt she was the only redeeming factor in FF13, didn't really like any of the other characters.

Snookies121962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Whaa? No way, Sazh was the best out of any of them... Not to mention his story was really well done. I actually felt for him and the position he was put in.

Lightning was way too boring for me... Hope was too dang whiny, Snow was a 90's surfer with a hero complex, Vanille was bad at first but had a reason for that which is why she'd probably be number 2 for me in terms of liking, and Fang didn't have enough story in my opinion.

Out of all of them, I felt Sazh was the most rounded honestly.

roshi19871962d ago


Fully agree. Sazh was the only character was was believable and well grounded and NOT in it to save the stupid world again. He just wanted his kid back.

I really hated everything about FF13 other than the fighting system (10/10), the graphics, and Sazh.

I truely hope they can fix this ailing franchise. As it is now, the best jrpg came from Xenoblade this gen(imo).

Pozzle1962d ago

She would have been just as insufferable as a guy, tbh.

chadwarden1962d ago (Edited 1962d ago )

Lightnings the BEST yo quit hatin

Godmars2901962d ago

Despite all - AAAAALLLLLL! - the object hate I have for FF13, I am bit surprised to admit I'm curious about 13-3. Might actually get it.

But only because I don't view it as being an RPG.

josephayal1962d ago

I adore this game and it will always be one of my favorites, no game will ever compare to final fantasy 13s to me

roshi19871962d ago

I think you should have more exposure to better games.

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