Zen Pinball 2: Star Wars Pinball Review | D+PAD

D+PAD writes:

Reviewing new tables for Zen Studio’s Zen Pinball series is becoming quite a difficult task as there is only so much you can say about the authenticity with which it simulates real life pinball and how lovingly it pays homage to whatever licensed property frames any given table. Though this might sound harsh, Zen Studios should actually take it as a compliment, reflecting as it does the consistently high-quality of the DLC support lavished on its flagship title. If the studio’s partnership with Marvel and, more recently, PopCap has proved anything however, it’s that finding the right IP can have a huge impact on the allure of a table and, with this in mind, it’s hard to imagine a combination appealing more heartily to one’s inner-nerd than that of pinball mixed with Star Wars...

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