SimCity Fans Petition For Origin Free Mode After Server Issues

NowGamer: Aggrieved SimCity players have started a petition on the game’s official forums demanding an offline mode.

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TimmyShire1209d ago

Never going to happen, but I will sign it anyway.

brish1209d ago

EA won't care about the petition but if you stop buying games from EA they will pay attention.

Simco8761209d ago

This...just like with CoD if you don't buy it then they will have to change something. If you want things changed speak with your wallet!

aiBreeze1209d ago

Hence why I didn't buy this game. I won't support any game that forces me to use Origin.

SonyWarrior1209d ago

i dont buy games that need origin any more after having to use it to play bf3. and origin is the sole reason i havent played it for over a year.

2pacalypsenow1209d ago

I dont mind Origin i just hate that always online DRM

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JsonHenry1209d ago

Never gonna happen. But I certainly understand the desire for that mode.

Dailynch1209d ago

They won't listen... sob.

AdmiralSnake1209d ago

Don't buy games supporting this....

Grap1209d ago

why there's DRM in this game when the whole Origin thing is a big DRM. DRM in a freaking DRM. what's next? DRM in DRM in DRM?

Steeeve891209d ago

A DR(ea)M within a DR(ea)M

Pillville1209d ago

DREAM = DRM with EA in the middle.

now my mind is completely blown

Xristo1209d ago (Edited 1209d ago )

Somewhere, Ubisoft is laughing while saying, "Do you not remember our debacle with AC2?"

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