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Tomb Raider’s PS3 DRM Reference Was An Error, No PSN Connection Needed

TSA: "Square Enix have been in touch this morning with TheSixthAxis to highlight that Tomb Raider on PlayStation 3 does not require a PSN connection on starting up." (PS3, Tomb Raider)

DaThreats  +   807d ago
SE finally doing something right.
LAWSON72  +   807d ago
They have been for a while other than overpriced mobile games and not having ff live up to its title. As a publisher they are fantastic and have even been releasing great ports on pc.
Rainstorm81  +   807d ago
As no video game console's Games ever should....

If gamers can one day put aside the petty fanboy behavior, we could be a powerful special interest group......just look at the effect united gamers have had this Generation...The Cole Redesign, the Dante Redesign (to a lesser degree), the Mass Effect ending debacle that led to free MP DLC no doubt (this is EA)...etc

Together we are a force to be reckoned with....

@ below

Exactly my point, if gamers united against DRM, Day 1 DLC, Season Passes, on disc locked content, excessive franchise milking, etc..... It would open the eyes of these companies.

Gamers showed companies that we were tired of them milking Guitar Hero and Rock Band and ...VOILA!... no more music peripheral games are being released ..... If fanboy alliances weren't so strong gamers could've made MS have free online play for silver members long ago, just like the complaints over the Sony hack made them give away a bunch of free content.

Gamers/Fanboys need to unite for our favorite hobby or risk it being changed for the worse......end rant
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matgrowcott  +   807d ago
Funny, I read all those examples as proof that we're a group that would rather bitch about small meaningless things rather than begin larger industry change.

I guess it depends where your priorities are.


How in the hell have they milked Rock Band?

Besides, all those things you said are pretty minor in the long term. We're going through a transition where people are resisting the changes.

If you want to talk about big problems we SHOULD be working towards:

1. How to handle piracy and the lengths to which publishers will go to combat it. This ties into DRM, but the average person will complain without seeing the bigger issue. WE need subscription services and better prices, not millions spent on DRM and closing down websites (which totally works, by the way(!))

2. Game prices and how to maintain them. Those things you mentioned are attempts at combating the fact that creation in this medium that just isn't profitable. If this isn't fixed and fixed quick, there IS going to be another big industry crash and soon.

3. Admit that sometimes you're not the target audience. The biggest problem this generation has been people going up in arms about things that don't really matter to anybody with a modicum of intelligence in the world. My biggest worry is that, as sales continue to fall, some developers might actually start listening to this bull.

4. And while we're at it, trying to work out why sales are falling across the board. Almost every major game of the last 6 months has flopped. Individually people reckon it's because they stopped listening to the fans, but they're failing to see that major franchises not selling is in no way a good thing for the industry.

Because, ya know, new IPs aren't selling either.
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Rainstorm81  +   807d ago
Honestly EA and Harmonix did the right thing with the Rock Band franchise by allowing you to download DLC via any RB title, but with GH multiple releases per year and RB releasing artist versions and Track packs..... Rock Band ended up being guilty by association



I agree with everything else but as far as new IPs not selling, What is selling successfully mean to you and is it different to what the devs and publishers consider successful?

Every dev wants CoD/Halo numbers but if a game sells 2 mil it doesn't necessarily mean its a flop.

I also agree that gamers rather bitch about stuff than be proactive, when the news released TR on PS3 needed an online connection the story was on fire.
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kreate  +   807d ago
U answer those companies w ur cash. Dont buy them.

I buy call of duty games when its on sale for 20 bucks. Thats all its wotth to me.
ziggurcat  +   807d ago
disc-locked content, and (maybe) DRM i can agree with, but the rest?

no one forces you to buy day 1 DLC, and i really don't see the big deal in releasing DLC content to be available on day 1. season passes do nothing more than give you an overall discount on all (or most) of the DLC content for the game (example - you pay $30 for the pass when it could cost you $40 - $50 to buy all of the applicable DLC individually) which is a good thing, imo. and no one forces you to buy into that, either.

if the extra, non-disc locked content doesn't affect or isn't required to experience the game's core content, why complain about it if they make it available right away or cheaper for you in the long run? it makes no sense...

"just look at the effect united gamers have had this Generation...The Cole Redesign, the Dante Redesign (to a lesser degree), the Mass Effect ending debacle that led to free MP DLC no doubt (this is EA)..."

all of that is just a bunch of whiny bellyaching over first world problems. i personally didn't see anything wrong with the new cole before people cried about it, and dante reboot/ME3 ending was just a poor excuse for people to act like a bunch of spoiled, entitled crybabies.
Rainstorm81  +   807d ago
Gaming is a first world hobby , so really any issue with it isn't really detrimental to life...
Son_Lee  +   807d ago
Played it offline last night and I can confirm this.
Heavenly King  +   807d ago
NICE! This was a big issue for me. Now when I feel in the mood to buy this game, I will gladly give my money to SE, instead of giving it to Gamestop.
AdmiralSnake  +   807d ago
I'll think about buying it....then.
TreMillz  +   807d ago
Is the game sharable? can someone confirm this please?
Dark_Overlord  +   807d ago
Under Sony's rules it is allowed to be downloaded to 2 activated PS3's (If that's what you were asking) same with every piece of content on the PSN :)

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