PS Vita Is 'Niche', Has Little Future Despite Price-Cut - Pachter

NowGamer: PS Vita doesn’t have ‘much of a future’ according to analyst Michael Pachter, who has dismissed the importance of the handheld’s sales quadrupling in Japan.

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MultiConsoleGamer2024d ago

Pacther says the Vita is doomed? I guess this means its destined to be the best selling portable of all time.

TimmyShire2024d ago

It's becoming more and more apparent that Pachter has no idea what he's talking about. What an idiot.

NewMonday2024d ago

handhelds are not "Niche" in Japan.

andibandit2023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Pachter is wrong
in saying the Vita is niche. It should be applied to handhelds in general. The main reason the 3DS is holding up is because parents buy them for their kids so they can keep themselves entertained.

Im afraid theres no denying that the handheld market has been in a steady decline for several years now.

falcon792023d ago

To be fair Patcher did say Vita wont catch on and he also said,do people want a very powerful handheld when we have home consoles ? he was right.

dedicatedtogamers2023d ago

@ adnibandit

I don't know how you - or anyone - can think that the handheld market has been in steady decline. It simply is not true. The DS/PSP generation were by far the largest handheld generations of all time. DS is the best-selling handheld of all time, and PSP sold nearly as much as the GameBoy Advance. You want to talk about "handheld market in decline"? Go back to the 90s when SEGA, Atari, SNK, and a ton of others all tried to enter the handheld market and they failed.

The dedicated gaming handheld market has never been stronger. Numbers don't lie.

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ritsuka6662023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I guess this means its destined to be the best selling portable of all time. "

At this rate i doubt Vita will surpasses the 3DS in japan .. Anyway,Make fun of the analysis of PActher all you want Ps fanboys, but Sony needs to do something fast about people's perception and word of mouth.

AsimLeonheart2023d ago

Pachter also says the Wii U is doomed and XBOX 720 will be more expensive than PS4 and it will focus on media functionality more than games. It means those must be true as well if you believe Pachter so much, right?

DarkHeroZX2023d ago

how can ritsuka still comment? And the Vita doesn't need to outsell the 3ds to be a success. If the 3ds and PSV repeat the success of the PSP and DS that'd be more then enough to see some amazing games and for both companies to make good money. Sales really don't mean a thing. PS3 has outsold the 360 worldwide now but it took years to become profitable and even then it's still in the red overall. 360 and the wii where very affordable and made wayy more money.

Apex132023d ago

I Normally disagree with pacman but the numbers don't lie. Also, why wou you want an expensive handheld that cost te same or more than your home console? This was te issue with 3ds but its doing awesome now.

tubers2023d ago

A price drop is imminent. Don't trust Sony saying "there's no plan for that".

FriedGoat2022d ago

There will be no price drop. Japan are paying what we pay now with their price drop.

It's worth every penny, the Vita is brilliant.

kopicha2023d ago


yea, which is why people dont need smartphones when they have much more powerful computers at home. /sarcasm

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Dailynch2024d ago

Pachter is never wrong. EVER.

TheGrimOfDeath2023d ago

I don't know if you are just kidding or are saying what you think is true.

Y_51502023d ago

That better have been sarcasm.

bicfitness2024d ago

It will make a nice companion device to the PS4 if remote play delivers. They do need a new model that has built in memory though. Paying extra and considering various storage prices and options only confuses and annoys the consumer (I like that type of personalized ownership, but many people don't).

Sony need to pay to have MH put on the device too, or Soul Sacrifice needs to become a mega, smash hit. Either scenario will keep the Vita going strong overseas.

tubers2023d ago

I disagree with the built in memory.

IMO, it's more costly for them to make a new model that also somewhat shafts the early adopters this early. Sony isn't Nintendo (with their 3DS/LL/XL).

At least bundle in the lowest unit with a 4 GB card and have a major price cut on all MMC capacities.

Cocozero2024d ago

Japan is the only place where it has a chance of being releveant, the rest of the world are happy with their smartphones/tablets and 3DSs.

Dedecatied gaming hardware for more than £150 won't succeed this gen, Sony would be smart to drop it now at cut their losses because no 3rd party dev will touch it.

bicfitness2024d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

"Japan is the only place where it has a chance of being relevant, the rest of the world are happy with their smartphones/tablets and 3DSs."

EU and NA are the 3DS' worst performing markets, according to Nintendo's own expectations and results, so the last part of your statement is incorrect. I'll agree with you on price though, Vita needs to be $200 or under WITH storage bundled or built in to really stand any chance at being competitive on a world-wide basis.

Who knows though, its limping along to about 5 million now and Sony won't be pulling the plug any time soon, so it could have legs yet. Speculating that far out into the future exponentially increases the chance that you will be wrong. So I tend not to make personal predictions beyond 6-9 months. Markets, technology in particular, evolve too fast.

tubers2023d ago

"Technology in particular, evolves too fast."

That's both a problem and a boon for the VITA.

Mobile industry evolves so fast that not even the VITA graphics (w/c is touted a major feature against competition) will be irrelevant.

It's a boon since mobile components (w/c the VITA has) will become cheaper a lot quicker so a VITA should be priced lower every now and then if Sony doesn't beef up the hardware.

Nintendo is SAFE w/ its ancient hardware because they have the LEGACY (name brand and the crack/cocaine lineup).

IMO, GTA and GT are the two likely IPs that can make the VITA TRULY competitive internationally. Both of w/c sold extremely well on the PSP.

Rainstorm812023d ago

I agree a $149 vita with no memory no games....then a 199$ vita with game and memory included.

This is the impulse buy price for the Vita, and i think its possible we will get this price point near the release of the PS4. Especially if they want the Vita to truly be the companion device to the PS4.

$150 is cheap enough for people to want it as a remote play device.....if every PS4 games indeed supports the feature DAY 1

nikrel2023d ago

199.00 for a 4gb card, and game. Than you have to buy PS+ & a 32gb card. you end up paying more.

150.00 + 32gb card + ps+, you will save money.

falcon792023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

Wow so many dissagree's for stating how it is i agree with you kid.

Platstation gamers need to admit defeat,3ds was struggling not as bad like but Nintendo turned it around,Sony are incapable of turning there fortunes around they will fail big with ps4 coupling it with Vita ??? stupid move that,hey our new Console links up with out Vita that no one has bought,plus the combo will be about £600,for an inferior dual screen experience ??? It will bomb,720 and WiiU seem to know what gamers want.

Ace_Pheonix2023d ago

Oh yeah, totally man. The XBOX that we know absolutely nothing about has everything that everyone wants, obviously. It's totally amazing. The other day I imagined it was a Transformer and it ripped apart my toaster, and I thought to myself "Wow, Microsoft is so good at making my imagination awesome when it comes to the new XBOX. I can't wait till it comes out!".

DarkHeroZX2023d ago

WiiU is failing, and XBOX will be a casual console you can use for tivo. Yeah gamers are real pumped for those two consoles...... And the PS4 doesn't just connect with the vita but smartphones and tablets. It is also noted that those features are all optional lol.

Trolls gonna troll i guess.

kenshiro1002023d ago

You don't know what you're talking about so stop while you're ahead.

stuna12023d ago

falcon79 is Pachter in disguise.

HiddenMission2023d ago

I have both a my Samsung Note and Note 10.1 and guess what I still have my Vita. No smart phone or tablet can replace a dedicated gaming console...and only a anti gamer would believe that.

Truth is only 2 things have been hold Vita back from moving numbers 1st is's still too expensive in most regions and the second is titles which is just now coming into maturity PSO2 says high.

Once the above come forward and PS4 game streaming comes to Vita it will fly off shelves...and guess what every gaming related prediction I have made has come true so I would know much better than Mr. Pachter and yourself...

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falcon792023d ago (Edited 2023d ago )

I'm falcon and i'm not patcher u idiot,Sony need to learn balance with power,oh sorry that takes real skill,all sony do is use everyone elses tech and throw it all together,Nintendo tweak technology to perform better so it's affordable ???? FACTS HURT.

Sony fans are blind i used to be one until i came on the internet and found out most Sony fans are blind immature kids that just think higher spec numbers means better performence ?? then why an earth did the 360 with a less powerful hardware but more balanced make for better graphics and gameplay explain.

G20WLY2023d ago

Oh calm yourself down! lmao

"I'm Falcon" - no, you're some angry child with a limited grip on reality and this is clear from your 3 posts in this thread alone.

You praise Pachter's opinion, only when he bashes Sony. You want to talk about balance, yet your hate for Sony blinds your ability to make a balanced judgement. Do you seriously fail to see the irony there?

Oops, sorry, "Irony"... Not what your mother does to your school uniform, but rather "a pretense of ignorance and..", actually, no - Google is your friend. Sadly, it's quite possible it's your only friend with the attitude you appear to have.