PS4 pre-orders 'performing very well', says GAME

PlayStation 4 pre-orders are "performing very well", a spokesperson for GAME has revealed, telling that the retailer is "certain" that the arrival of the console will revive the UK's flagging retail market.

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Chaostar1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Hello anyone who has pre ordered in the UK at GAME, could you please tell me if the deposit is refundable if you find it cheaper elsewhere? Thanks.

Also I emailed GAME about where their main launch in London would be, since their flagship store closed but they didn't have an answer, does anyone have a clue?

PirateThom1932d ago

When I pre-ordered the Vita, they refunded it, but only after launch. This is when they were having major financial issues though and they basically had to pay up front for stock rather than getting it on credit.

So, the answer, it is refundable.

NewMonday1932d ago

it's better to wait till after the official price and release date are revealed.

rainslacker1932d ago

May be better to wait until your sure they know what their pre-order allotment is too. It's possible they haven't worked out those details, and they could oversell it. Just think how small GameStops pre-order allotment in the US was compared to how many actually sold.

Also being the EU there is nothing to say that it will even be released there this year. You could be looking at a year long wait or more if Sony doesn't do a worldwide release, and that would just suck.

Anarki1932d ago

Didn't think anyone still used game...

grassyknoll1932d ago

I wouldn't risk it with Game, if they go into administration again you would lose your deposit. I would recommend a online retailer that promises on the day delivery.

TheLyonKing1932d ago

Depends where you live, in Aberdeen all the GAME stores were saved also when HMV went under Aberdeen store was saved. Aberdeen is a very afluent place and will be unlikely GAME will close.

I aso got my refund on the ps3 when it game out as I got it dirt cheap at woolworths.

nirwanda1932d ago

@thelyonking sometimes it doesn't matter how good the area is, it depends on the business itself.
Look at comet or woolworths they just all closed down everywhere.
Game are in a bit of trouble they are still trading, personally I would wait till just before launch and watch the supermarket's fight for your custom

Chaostar1932d ago

Thanks PirateThom & grassyknol, I think I'll leave it until we get a solid price.

Anyone have a clue about where the London launch will be?

Dark_Overlord1932d ago

I pre ordered with game, and nowhere in their T&C does it say no refunds, so according to law you can ask for it back :)

BDSE1932d ago

A deposit is non-refundable, that's why they ask you for one.

Dark_Overlord1932d ago

Only if the place states it is non refundable when you initially place the deposit :) Otherwise you can claim it back.

stuntman_mike1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )


I highly recommend they are taking pre-orders and you don't have to pay up front. their an excellent store i use them all the time.

as for GAME launch it will be in all game stores not just one in particular, but if i was to guess on their main store in London it would be Westfields in Stratford.

Psn8001932d ago

No but has soon has I hear they are taking per orders I'm there giving my order for a Ps4 .

Kurt Russell1932d ago

I'm supprised this is coming from GAME as they charge £20 to pre-order whilst anywhere on the internet a pre-order is free.

jay21931d ago

Not refundable, Whitebridge I think it's called it's a shopping centre, thats their new flagship store can't wait, hope we're not waiting a yr

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CustardTrout1932d ago

Got say, I'm face palming at the fact no one picked up on the sarcasm...

WalterWJR1932d ago

Perhaps you are from east palmdale

TheEnigma3131932d ago

That's why you put /s at the end if it's sarcasm. Stops confusion.

DragonKnight1932d ago

Sarcasm or not, it was stupid. You either come off as a PC elitist jerk or someone trolling too hard.

FamilyGuy1932d ago

O.o I just moved to east palmdale.

This article is dumb and pointless.

MultiConsoleGamer1932d ago

Quite a long list at my local GameStop. I'm expecting to camp out.

Donnieboi1932d ago

Gamestop? U mean the waiting list, or the actual pre-order list? I heard they're not taking pre-orders just yet.

steve30x1932d ago

I got an email from gamestop informing me that they are taking PS4 preorders

moparful991932d ago

I asked my Gamestop if they were taking pre-orders yet and they said they were not. I did sign up for the Gamestop first to know list so hopefully they will inform me as soon as pre orders are being accepted.. I want to make sure I have a PS4 at launch..

rainslacker1932d ago

They still aren't taking pre-orders. Just the first-to-know list. My local store the manager has a list of customers with their numbers that she's going to call when they start, but they have the official one online as well.

Jdoki1932d ago

I'll probably pre-order after E3, once release date, price and more info is known.

sway_z1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Great news for PS4...but GAME are probably one of the worst places to pre-order consoles because they sometimes bump up the prices by forcing you to buy bundles. Rarely do they let you just pre order base units in my experience.

Therefore, if PS4 is £399, Game will charge £520 by adding 2 games (you may not like) and an extra pad (you may not have wanted) and anything else they can to make the cost more attractive to themselves.


@MasterCornholio ..below

Unfortunately the UK is one of the most expensive territories (Global Trade) for some reason. We even have a phrase for it...

'Rip Off Britain' ;(

MasterCornholio1932d ago

Hmm strange i buy from game all the time in Spain and they never did this to me. However due to the way the laws are structured here maybe game cant pull off those types of stunts.

I will preorder the console from game like my Vita. But from my experience i ended up getting the Vita from Amazon due to the much lower price point and the included 8GB memory card.

However what im really worried about is getting a defected unit from Amazon because it would be really difficult to return it. Not to mention you would have to pay costs for shipping it back (from my understanding of their return policy).

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