Various RPG Scans March 7: Tales, Souls, and Phantasy

"Enjoy shots of Tales of Hearts-R, Shining Ark, Soul Sacrifice, Dragon Quest VII, Phantasy Star Online 2, Disgaea D2, and many, many more, spanning nearly all current systems." -RPGLand

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sashimi1987d ago

Pretty jealous at Japan right now.

Blastoise1987d ago

So many awesome looking games :O

Sanquine901987d ago

WOW so many vita games... Loooking at you SCEA and SCEE.... Ahhw well back to persona 4 <3

DivineAssault 1987d ago

Bring those over here! I know were getting soul sacrifice which is awesome but i want tales of hearts too

knifefight1987d ago

I would buy so many of these, if they came stateside.

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