EA, your SimCity is broke

GamesRadar writes: "I've been putting a lot of time into SimCity over the past few nights, whenever the temperamental servers would permit it. I'm not able to experiment with the social features as much as I'd like to, because they're not really working. And besides, most of my friends are either not able to log into the game, or they've been pushed onto different servers than the one I'm in. But I've still been playing. And, as I played, I learned valuable lessons, changing how I approach building my metropolis. The biggest thing I've taken away was not to let my ambition get the better of me--to make sure I'm able to support a healthy, growing city.

If I can't afford to plop down another power plant, I shouldn't build any more factories. If my roads are already struggling with traffic, I shouldn't build more neighborhoods. The more I play SimCity, the more I realize that many of the game's online problems wouldn't exist if the Electronic Arts approached the launch with the same logic Maxis baked into the game itself. In a way, Maxis created a cautionary tale about ambition gone unchecked with SimCity, and then EA ignored its lesson."

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LAWSON721811d ago

This what happens when you try to prevent piracy you ruin the experience for everyone who bought this game full price. I hope you fail ea.

Psychotica1811d ago

I was going to buy this tomorrow, but think I will wait until they get their act together.