Major League Baseball 2K13 Review (

Hold off on a purchase...we've seen it all before.

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creHEARTive2028d ago

MLB The Show is much better.

aceitman2027d ago

It's time for them to hang it up and stick to basketball

Number-Nine2028d ago

this series should have remained dead. sorry to xbox and wii guys are cursed with an awful baseball simulator.

TheDCD2028d ago

It never hurts to have a good competitor. But this game could've used something substantially new to keep it going strong.

KrisK2027d ago

True....I miss the days when you had at least 2 options.....though in all honest, I mostly miss the days of Base Wars :)

WeAreLegion2028d ago

I can't believe people would still buy 2k...

The Show is incredible! I know people who own it that don't even LIKE baseball.

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