Sony Adds DRM To The Last of Us Demo, Unlocks April 17th With Multiplayer?

PGN - Seems that some people out there have already gotten early copies of God of War: Ascension, and for those who were hoping to try out the Last of Us Demo you may have to wait until next month to actually play it.

Online Pass also confirmed for Ascension, though is the standard for Sony multiplayer titles now. (image in story)

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Nitrowolf21175d ago

It's most likely a multiplayer demo rather than a SP demo like we thought.

T3MPL3TON 1174d ago

"Trusting" people has led to exactly what the current "distrust" is about. If there are loopholes, people will find it and thus cost them money and a cash pool to draw from for the next big project.

What is the big deal? You accept the TOS and move on. This anti-TOS and anti-DRM attitude of the gaming public only PROVES that they are necessary."

I bet you work for one of these companies don't you? News flash. DRM was designed to get rid of piracy. It hasn't and it wont. You want people to stop stealing games? Make them cheaper and make them better. Why should anyone pay for a sub par experience at all ever. If I go to a restaurant and the food is crappy. I get a refund. If I buy a product and it's crappy. I get a refund. Unless that product is a video game. I am expected to just accept a sh*t game and move on. No thanks. That's not how the world works. You want pirates to stop? Give them a reason to. It's a really just that simple. DRM does nothing but make people pirate a cracked version of the game. The problem is DRM not pirates.

RumbleFish1174d ago

And I don't like this "It's OK to be under control attitude".
DRM hurts the honest customer only. Pirates will allways find ways to do their thing.

ZombieNinjaPanda1174d ago

T3mpl3ton has it right. I blows my mind that some gamers and corporations think it's alright that other people who are dis-satisfied with their products cannot return them. If I buy a vacuum cleaner that doesn't work I can return it, but if I buy a game that doesn't work, I'm expected to just take. Fat chance.

thorstein1174d ago

Technically, all timed Demos would fall under the DRM category as it is a Digital Rights Management. Of course, also technically speaking an online pass code is DRM as well. Is this DRM like what we are seeing with games that require "always on" or always have game disc inserted? That is what I would want to know.

pixelsword1174d ago

I thought Sony closed all of the holes; but since they have to do this, then they obviously haven't closed all of the holes.

UnHoly_One1174d ago PersonalAttacksShow
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Godmars2901175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Probably to test the waters. Get people use to them doing such on everything.

Might be out of left field, but corporations needs to lose their "people" status. More so when they do crap like this: automatically looks at the worst in actual people. Dehumanizes through mistrust.

Nitrowolf21175d ago

I'm excited actually, but I really really really hope it's not an Uncharted multiplayer clone. I want to see how they'll translate this game SP feel into the MP. I'm more interested in the SP, but still.

LOGICWINS1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

^^I think the game will have a versus mode, but it would be a one-hit/one-shot kill. This would force people to embrace the stealth mechanics/constant tension of TLOU. I don't think ND would be stupid enough to create a guns blazing/fast paced versus suite like Uncharted.

Hitman07691175d ago

de ja vu . hopefully something cool comes of all this.

TRGMatt1175d ago

"Trusting" people has led to exactly what the current "distrust" is about. If there are loopholes, people will find it and thus cost them money and a cash pool to draw from for the next big project.

What is the big deal? You accept the TOS and move on. This anti-TOS and anti-DRM attitude of the gaming public only PROVES that they are necessary.

NukaCola1174d ago

I want a mode where you have 4 vs four in a warehouse with clickers and all you have is what you pick up. The goal is to reach a package in the center and you can use bottles etc to distract the enemies and also lure clickers towards them and away from you. So many possibilities.

pixelsword1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

@ crush:

Then why should we trust corporations when they don't trust us?

Why believe the Killzone: Shadow Fall demo is legit?

Why pre-order?

Why support a brand?

All of those things implies a degree of trust; and if trusting us made problems for them, guess what the opposite suggests?

What about the price dropping for software, videos and music once they were put on CD's, and now, directly downloadable media? That never happened.

So no: if anyone doesn't trust their customer, then don't ask for pre-orders, or to believe anything they say about their game (we'll leave that to game critics, we know how fair they can be when judging games on a console they don't like), and don't ask for fans, ever.

Although I like both companies, I don't pull punches for Microsoft for charging for XBL, and I sure ain't gonna give Sony any slack because it's our RIGHT to have one back-up copy of any media we purchase.

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cloud4951175d ago

Maybe so people don't game share it? Because then people don't have to buy GOW: Ascension to play the demo.

But most likely a Beta or something to do with the multiplayer mode. U2 and U3 had a beta so TLOU probably will too. And U2 beta was bundled in with Infamous.

SilentNegotiator1174d ago

A need to keep its exclusivity to buyers of GOW:A? Multiplayer beta?? Don't bring logic in here! Sony is the devil and is about to deploy always-on DRM for every game!!! /s

mandf1174d ago

almost missed the s for sarcasm

kevnb1175d ago

there is already drm on everything in a console. They are just adding more for no reason.

Ju1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

What's DRM for consoles anyway? You can't share those, can you?

Could it be, that this is actually the full game and the demo only "unlocks" the a couple of parts. So, if you buy the online pass / license you don't need to download again? Just with timed trials...

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TOGC1175d ago

Got my review copy of the game today, I can confirm that this is true. *Also, online pass for God of War: Ascension*

Nitrowolf21175d ago

That's old news, every PS3 Sony game with online has online pass.

ginsunuva1175d ago

You did not get a last of us review copy this early.

Nitrowolf21175d ago

he didn't say that, he said he got God of War: Ascension review copy

majiebeast1175d ago

Maybe its a multiplayer beta.

Qrphe1175d ago

The most logical answer, yet we'll have those speculating regardless.

user76939581175d ago

sounds good to me! I have my GOWA copy paid.. and I'm getting TLOU

StrawberryDiesel4201174d ago

I hope this game has a scary co op horde type mode, something darker and more mature than Uncharted's co op modes. Surviving those creatures with limited ammo and baseball bats with a friend on a dark map would be pretty nice.

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SonyNGP1175d ago

Well this freakin' sucks. Give me a single-player demo!

HarryMasonHerpderp1175d ago

We're all going to buy it when the full games released anyway ^_^

Hellsvacancy1174d ago

Well im renting God Of War, im not bothered about the multiplayer

I shall defo buy The Last of Us

HarryMasonHerpderp1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

I'm talking about The Last Of Us.

WildArmed1174d ago

On the bright side, you won't spoil any of the awesome SP :)

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