The Walking Dead: The Game Season 2 Coming This Fall 2013, NOT 2014

A previous report by Eurogamer claimed the second season of The Walking Dead: The Game was slated for release in 2014, but a Telltale spokesperson has correctly confirmed that its targeted release window is this fall, 2013.

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Despair6661956d ago

Milky milk...
oh sorry, wrong game

Snookies121956d ago

What game were you thinking of? o_o

Despair6661956d ago

Assassins creed 4...everyone's talking about milk whenever i read anything about it so thought it was a new meme :D

Snookies121956d ago

Wow, who the heck disagrees with my comment? How do you even disagree to that? >_>

coolasj1956d ago

I'll be sure to play it as the episodes come out this time!

Snookies121956d ago

Yeah same here, although I'm not sure if they've even fixed the console disc versions yet... I've owned it since it came out, yet have never gone through it because it is just so awful on disc... Luckily I've seen the entire thing through on PC.

I was late to the party though, and I'll certainly be looking forward to buying the second season as soon as I can.

PersonMan1956d ago

A friend of mine played it on disc and it was fine. He didn't have any problems with it. Maybe your laser is getting dirty?

Snookies121956d ago

@PersonMan - No, this was a known issue that happened with a LOT of people. It would lag horribly all over the place. It did that on my console as well as my friend's.

Eamon1956d ago

I'll probably wait till the entire season 2 is out. Knowing TellTale after season 1, the cliffhangers will be too strong to bear.

KarateExplosion1956d ago

I wish they would release it to fill in the wait time for the series when it goes on break.

Kran1956d ago

Well put it this way, you got the new walking dead game with Daryl and Merle, released not long before the season 3 finale. Then Telltale said they had something to fill the gaps between now and season 2, so there's stuff coming for sure.

dkeat1956d ago

Well shit, I guess I'll kind of know what to expect when episode 5 draws to its end. Was hoping the story would come full circle after the fifth episode (currently playing ep. 3).