Rumor: Possible Pokemon X & Y CoroCoro Leak

Earlier today, information about the upcoming Pokemon X & Y games to be included in this month's issue of CoroCoro was possibly leaked.

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FlameHawk1964d ago

Pokemon game have always been getting better, it adds more things to do. Wish Pokemon wasn't just on Nintendo so I don't have to buy a DS just for Pokemon lol, I'll just keep dreaming.

kirbyu1963d ago

You do know that Pokemon is a Nintendo game, right?

jakmckratos1961d ago

yeah that's why he's saying he wishes it wasn't

1nsaint1959d ago

Then try out emulators, i play nintendo 64 and GBA games on my playstation phone (xperia play)

There are emulators for iphone and psp as well and obviously pc.

If ur pc is good enough, you can even play gamecube and DS

TuxedoMoon1964d ago

4chan? Hard to tell if it's true or not. Just have to wait and see.

AztecFalcon1963d ago

So a flying Eevee evolution? The initial guesses were correct then.

jakmckratos1961d ago

I call BS. Why have Sylveon's type be such a mystery?? Because it's NOT a type we've seen before

guywholikespie1960d ago

their wrong about the legend typing. yveltal is flying ghost!
thats just me guessing ind hoping. its also what mr xy's dex said.