Daily Random: It’s Never Going to Happen

The underling grovelled. “Master, great one, I have news,” he said, staring up at the Emperor.

“Go on.”

“Our scout ships… they’ve picked up signals of another race, right at the fringes of the realm.”

The Emperor glowed purple merrily, gurgling with joy.


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Wedge191574d ago

"Gurgling with Joy..." gotta love the descriptive terms.

Foolsjoker1574d ago

I am just glad its joy....

Chaostar1574d ago

Ha, I love this, it should be an ad for PS4's streaming ability. Get Sony on the phone

decimalator1573d ago

don't talk about Seb's mother like that

Foolsjoker1574d ago

That picture reminds me of Prometheus

doctorstrange1574d ago

As long as it doesn't remind you of Aliens: Colonial Marines

Foolsjoker1574d ago

I still have nightmares...

eyeDEVOUR1574d ago

It should remind you of aliens and prometheus since its a painting by HR Giger