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The 20 PlayStation 3 Exclusives of 2013

IGN - The PS4’s on the horizon, but the PS3’s still trucking.

When I was in New York City attending the PlayStation 4 reveal, I started to think a lot, ironically, about PlayStation 3. Sitting with well-known Sony executive Shuhei Yoshida and picking his brain about PS4, it became clear that the new console was a separate ecosystem. PS3 games – both digital and retail – won’t work on PS4, and it seemed like Sony may be slowly closing the book on PlayStation 3.

But that doesn’t mean that 2013 hasn’t been and won’t continue to be a great year for PlayStation 3 exclusives. Delving into the depths of IGN’s games database, I found a lot more of them than I expected. Sure, I’ve heard of all of these games and even previewed and otherwise written about others, but I didn’t quite do the math in my head until I saw it all before me: PS3 gamers have a lot to look forward to in 2013. Some of these games have already come out; most others are still on the horizon. (PS3)

alousow  +   539d ago
gow, last of us n gta 5 will keep me busy until the realase of the Black Beast (PS4)
KaBaW  +   538d ago
What if the PS4 isn't black?! :o
Y_5150  +   539d ago
GT6 is on that list, it's not confirmed yet...
Tvensky  +   538d ago
every GT fan knows that they are working on GT6.. the real question is when it will be released, as this article says "PS3 Exclusives of 2013"... I doubt GT6 will come out this year.. and I doubt only on PS3!...
despair  +   538d ago
It probably will come out this year, it makes sense and I agree that it will be for both PS3 and PS4, hopefully there is a Vita version as well.
DivineAssault  +   539d ago
& there u have it folks.. In the year ending up to the PS4, PS3 still releases MANY great exclusives that are unrivaled by ANY of the competition... Sorry xbox & wii u, PS3 b*tch slapped both of u & hasnt even begun its PS4 onslaught
Why o why  +   538d ago
Im not going as far as saying anybody slapped anybody but I heard too many people giving ms a pass because the gen was ending meaning they weren't expecting much of an effort in terms of 1st party games and in different articles those same people argue that ms have just as many functioning studios as sony and Nintendo. ...We shouldn't be making any excuses for these guys. They serve us. Demand more
DivineAssault  +   538d ago
Theres no excuses for em only releasing Gears of War this year.. Sony got way more games & still announced their system so MS couldve made more effort to release some new stuff before 720
Why o why  +   538d ago
they feel they dont need to because their customers make the excuses for them. It used to be about exclusives which were, in their rawest form, more games more choice more variety for gamers to choose from. Its sad when we make excuses for multi million/billion dollar corporations be it sony ms or nintendo. weak
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chrisgay  +   538d ago
Fair play PSTriple! I'm keen to grab one after the next price cut, if only for Ni no Kuni...
sway_z  +   538d ago
...this is so cool. The PS3 has so much momentum so late in its cycle that I can even wait a whole year after Ps4 launches and still feel my hardware is relevant.

How many 'other console manufacturers can you say that about?

...Not many
Donnieboi  +   538d ago
TWENTY! That's more exclusives in 1 year than Microsoft and Nintendo have probably had in the last 2 years combined. Seriously, what's really going on with those two? I hope Valve brings some healthy competition because it would be nice to have more than just ONE hardcore gaming console out there (good for competition).
ps4 will be best next gen and ps3 will continue to be the best last gen console.

When it comes to supporting core gamers sony just won 3 gens in a row!

Can't wait to see Xbox list.

Should be fun.....


Also I have to admit xbox is cheaper since there is less to do. ps3 drains pockets.
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ps3_pwns  +   538d ago
so many ps3 exclusives. what you guys playing on the x360? same old cod mp lol?
Old McGroin  +   538d ago
Not a whole lot to shout about for Xbox only gamers but you do know that COD is multiplatform, including PS3?
InTheLab  +   538d ago
Was gonna say the same. That's all the hell my friends play despite being loaned awesome games from my collection.

@all gamers...

Please put down CoD and go pick up something else. TR just came out and it's fantastic.
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Convas  +   538d ago
Seems like COD is being played a fair amount on PS3 too.

What're the odds?
abzdine  +   538d ago
i forgot Until Dawn that thing looks so promising!!

PS3 is definitely the console to own this year!

missing Wonderbook Nightcrawler in the list.
BitbyDeath  +   538d ago
Yep, Until Dawn is one of my most anticipated.
I_am_Batman  +   538d ago
That's an impressive list. A lot of interessting Jrpgs. I didn't even know about some of these. These + the multiplatforms will make an epic year. I already missed some games this year though.
C0MPUT3R  +   538d ago
Does the Xbox 360 even have 20 exclusives in its entire library? (Only using 1 game per franchise)
Lets see here I'll start an Xbro will have to finish it off for me.
01 Halo
02 Gear of War
03 Forza
04 Fable
05 Crackdown
06 Blue Dragon
07 Perfect Dark 0
08 Lost Odyssey
09 Kameo
10 Viva Pinata
Halfway home I'm out of games. Somebody help me.
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InTheLab  +   538d ago
Shadow Complex
Bullet Witch
Tenchu something or other
Too Human
PGR (unconfirmed but so is GT6)
Dance Central (yeah...I know)
Steel Battallion (lol...I know)
A bunch of other Kinect titles that I can't recall

Yeah...so basically Dust and Shadow Complex are the only games of worth left off your list.
BoNeSaW23  +   538d ago
Warriors Lair (RUIN) is missing from the list.

I'm looking forward to some dungeon crawling with that one!

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