PlayStation 4 and a glimpse into the future of gaming

Double Plus Good Games dissects Sony’s press conference and is shocked to find that there was actual ‘press’ to be had. Taking a page from their PS1/PS2 days of old, Sony delivers a solid, cohesive and *gasp* informative show that tells us that Sony might be back in the game for reals this time.

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SpinalRemains1382102d ago

Playstation is not an innovative machine!

(sucks saliva through braces)
My PC can run Crysis faaaar better than pS4 can! PS4 parts are old and PC is where it's at!
(sucks again)
Console gamers don't understand specs and this is why they remain unhinged in their false assumption of the PS4's abilities.

(uses inhaler)
I would describe my uber specs so you can all see the real glory of a true gaming beast, but alas, none of you lowly consolers would comprehend the intricacies of my parts and their numbers. And i have to get back to my level 463 paladin now!