Is Sony's generosity harming its future profitability?

Digitally Downloaded writes: "I do have to wonder whether Sony's merely making a short term play to keep customer numbers up, or it has a plan to introduce margin back into the software side of its business in the long term. I hope it's the latter, because the former doesn't suggest good things about Sony's future."

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JoGam1781d ago

Give up the doom and gloom already. Its getting played out. Smh.

MattS1781d ago

It's always easy to tell who has, and hasn't, read an article before commenting.

JoGam1781d ago

Maybe if people take the "Dooom" out of the title i would read. I can speak for half of the people here, we're tired of those reads. Seen one, seen them all.

Silly gameAr1781d ago

Yeah, but it's getting harder to tell the flamebait from the articles that are actually pretty well written.

classic2001781d ago

Doom title is not needed these days.

BitbyDeath1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Doom headlines are meant to attract people to the article but it comes off as attention seeking so i just read the comments.

mandf1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

It's called giving back to gamers instead of a $500million marketing campaign. Instead of wasting money on ad campaigns they invest it into their own company and into games. People don't use their heads today. Sony gave gamers respect while some companies exploited gamers. No amount of doom and gloom titles can change that.

miyamoto1779d ago

Let the light shine in the darkness for a positive change, shall we? Not the other way around.

Why not title it ....

" 'Free' is the PlayStation's Magic Word for Gamers"?

That sure will attract attention.

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360ICE1781d ago (Edited 1781d ago )

Don't reduce every article that asks serious questions to a doom and gloom article. There's some discussion in there, you know.

It's not like it's just "Is Sony's generosity harming its future profitability" and then "yup."

Btw, no one here should be tired of reading anything. Nearly all the article on N4G are really short, and even so people really just discuss the title.

3-4-51780d ago

Yea evil dark and gloomy is ignorant and we are beyond that as gamers now.

If they give back to the fans, the fans will give back with their money.

They are setting themselves up for a 20 mile run not a 100 meter sprint.

AngelicIceDiamond1780d ago

Explain how this is Doom And Gloom? Is it possible to debate on something that views Sony on a different perspective?

Sony needs to continue the free trend while at the same time enforce a little more in their products. I think with PS4 Sony will start to reinforce a little with SOE. Charge for Gaikai, PSN+ maybe some of the social features while keeping basic MP free. Sony is currently talking about a silver, gold or platinum memberships. It's clear Sony wants to profit off of PS4's SOE next gen. It's just a matter of how they'll do it.

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lovegames7181780d ago

Has anyone ever thought that maybe ppl dont read the articles or click the sites anymore because the trash that is posted on most of these sites? I don't click articles anymore unless i know the site and know how they get down. So whatever i comment on just like the guy above me is based off the sensationalist titles! The titles shouldn't be so misleading if that is the case and doesn't mirror the article.

Clarence1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Well said. Sony giving away free games make me as a consumer feel my money is well spent for PSN plus. I know that I don't have to pay to play online. I like having that choice to choose.

At e3 M$ gave away free 360 slims to all that attended their conference. I didn't see any articles asking would this harm their profitability. What about the 360s that were giving away for purchasing a PC or laptop?

These negative articles are really getting out of hand. I guess it's cool for M$ to giveaway free consoles.

dcbronco1780d ago

Everyone give stuff away at conferences. That's different. They actually came up with a word for it. Conferences that have absolutely nothing to do with gaming give stuff away.

rainslacker1780d ago

When I participated in the Global Game Jam here a couple years ago, MS gave everyone a free Windows phone, a nice Samsung one at that ($400 MSRP at the time).

Being that everyone there was interested in development, it was pretty nice since now we all had a nice place to work on testing anything that we would make. I even ported a game I was working on to it and may have released it, except I got sidetracked by PS Mobile.

Sometimes giving stuff away for free is better for business in the long term than having a sale, or finding other ways to market. Almost every game given away was to raise interest in the game. Borderlands came out on PS+ a month before Borderlands 2. It was an obvious advertising strategy for BL2, and likely the original BL game wasn't selling enough any more to make much of a difference. The Vita IGC is obviously a way to entice PS+ subscribers to pick up a Vita, as now they have an instant library of games worth about $120, much cheaper than making and marketing a new bundle package.

The free games lately, such as the 4 free PSP games, is a way to build brand loyalty to Sony, and the wording of it was done in such a way to entice PSP owners to purchase a Vita. Pretty cheap way to market, since none of those games cost them anything to give away for free...they just didn't make any money on it. That's the distinction that this website is really ignoring. Was a decent article overall though.

dcbronco1780d ago

Yeah. If you have confidence in your product and it's actually good giving some away is better than just about any other type of advertising. The right people will spread the word. A lot of places give things to TV stations hoping for a mention on the air. It's like Oprah light.

Hicken1780d ago

No, people don't think that. They expect us to read every article on Kotaku before coming to the conclusion that it was complete and utter crap.

first1NFANTRY1780d ago

Down voted and disliked the website.

I'm sure if Sony's generosity was harming them they wouldn't be giving out free games and $10 gift vouchers.

Not every company is greedy like M$.

Sometimes a little generosity proves effect in the long run.

joab7771780d ago

Money is Money. This may be ainy's allocated adverstisement money to shore up the next gen base or to prepare everyone for a subscription fee.

U also have to remember that to get these deals, u have to constantly pay for ps+, a constant revenue stream that theymay need right now. Many of the games may not have been purchased otherwise, so where is the loss? Tjey know what they are doing.

I do agree though that most articles are here to fill thevtime until we get actual info. And sites want to get noticed. Others love video games and live to blog about them regardless of the topic.

EffectO1780d ago

Generosity has nothing to do with this,Sony is giving stuff away because they want to increase customer base.They are taking short term loss in hope for long term gain.
Plenty of others do that...see Amazon,Steam,UK supermarkets,etc

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