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Boss Dungeon's Review of Tomb Raider

Boss Dungeon's Tobbii Karlsson reviews Square-Enix's Tomb Raider and describes it as "Taking the core of what made Tomb Raider great and restructuring it just enough to feel fresh once more" (PC, PS3, Tomb Raider, Xbox 360) 8.5/10

Erudito87  +   661d ago
i started play an hour ago and half an hpur into playing ive noticed quite a few game breaking bugs. Hope it gets sorted soon
vikingland1  +   660d ago
I am 60% done and I got a game breaking bug just now. I have to go back to my 42% done save. Bummer in all honesty it is the only bug I have seen so far. I am playing on the Xbox by the way.
TekoIie  +   660d ago
Really? Just completed it and encountered no bugs or glitches at all surprisingly. I guess I got really lucky or just didn't notice them.

Out of interest which platform are you playing on and whats the bug? I was playing the Xbox version and it was smooth sailing all the way through.
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vikingland1  +   660d ago

I was at the part where you make it to the Endurance. And you fight that really big dude and you get the Rope Ascender. Well when I shoot the crate to swing it over. It stays in mid air and the boom of the crane swings. Crazy and frustrating.Now I have to go back to a way earlier save.
TekoIie  +   660d ago
Yeh I was just looking online and found about 3 game breaking bugs. I was a fortunate to encounter none but 3 is IMO a LOT. Especially when considering 1 doesn't as of yet have a solution to get around.
Erudito87  +   660d ago
lucky you i was playing the steam version im getting crashes lots of visual bug where randomly you cant see anything but a weird flicker
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Darth Gamer  +   661d ago
what kind of bugs. I've been playing for 4 hours and have yet to see or find a single bug. Especially 1 that is game breaking.
vikingland1  +   660d ago
If it weren't for that bug I would have gave this game a 9/10 so far.

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