Crystal Dynamics won't continue the Guardian of Light series

Looks like the critically acclaimed digital title was a mere one-off rather than the start of a side-series.

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Myx231659d ago

i did not even bother touching it. guess many more thought so. the only time i saw people playing the game was when they gave it away for free for plus ;-)

hazardman1659d ago

Oh man you missed out, pretty good. I beat it once with Lara then with. Kane and Lynch. One of the better download titles out IMO.

dirigiblebill1659d ago

Christ almighty, there's a difference between "no plans for" and "won't continue". Change the N4G headline to reflect what it actually says in the article, please.

green1659d ago

Such a shame. I really enjoyed it.

sdozzo1659d ago

Yeah, it was a nice title.

Fairchild Channel F1659d ago

Ya it was a good little game. Looked nice, had some fun puzzles, hidden collectibles etc...

1659d ago
nevin11659d ago

I actually liked the demo.

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