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50 things we hope next-gen console gaming improves

GamesRadar - Time for something new and improved

A new console generation is always a time to get excited. It's also, on the longer term, always a period of great change. Now that our online-connected machines are evolving platforms rather than strictly defined systems, there are countless ways that the next generation of consoles can change and improve gaming for the better over the years following launch. (Culture, Next-Gen)

jujubee88  +   750d ago
"Less dry business-talk at E3"
This. This times 100.

There are already forums and comment sections of N4G and gaming blogs where you get all that crap talked about. Plus, businesses do that crap at their fiscal year end press meetings.

Love this point so freaking much.
black911  +   750d ago
Web Browser!!! I want my PS4 to Have Google Chrome.
jujubee88  +   750d ago
Dunno about that.
But it will have Google TV, so you never know. :)
BitbyDeath  +   750d ago
Unless they do it LBP style like they did a few years ago. That made it a bit more interesting.
starchild  +   750d ago
What we need is more polish in our games. Most gamers I have talked to care more about having a solid framerate, no screen-tearing, little aliasing, and less pop-in than they do about having a few more graphical bells and whistles.

A game can be respected and enjoyed based on its art direction, clean image quality and great gameplay. This is what developers should strive for.
Zuperman  +   750d ago
Relientk77  +   750d ago
Less shooters, more platformers and RPGs
007Bond  +   749d ago
RPGs are for feminine men
PSNintyGamer  +   750d ago
One things Sure, It's gonna be a hell of a year for Sony,Nintendo,and Microsoft
user7693958  +   750d ago
totally Lag free online experience! is my main concern..
and Sony is aiming on having the "best most powerful network" so my hopes are high!!!
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   750d ago

Most irrelevant moment at E3 i had ever seen.
GreenRanger  +   750d ago
Less COD, more TimeSplitters.
Relientk77  +   750d ago
TimeSplitters 4 must come to us Next-gen
BitbyDeath  +   750d ago
Unfortunately CryTek hold it hostage and think Crysis is better... :-(
Seraphemz  +   750d ago
How does an E3 presentation help next gen console "GAMING"???? An E3 presentation doesnt make my games either more, or less fun....
StockpileTom  +   750d ago
#17 "Badass empowerment" not being the default aspiration

If a game intended to make me feel like the character is a badass it better damn well make sure that it felt like the character works hard to do so. If done wrong (which it almost always is) this aspect is a major immersion killer for me...
ziggurcat  +   749d ago
"Keyboard and mouse functionality as standard"

no. want that functionality? stick to PC.
level 360  +   749d ago
Exhaust fan noise decibels I hope on the next PS4 and XBox720 would be drastically reduced to unnoticeable levels.

1TB HDD standard out of the box to be the norm with all the variety of plentiful downloads expected of both these next-gen consoles.

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