Analyzing the Assassin’s Creed 4 Trailer

GamerFitNation's Zachary Cowan writes: "The new Assassin’s Creed game has recently been announced and a trailer was put out along with the announcement. Let us try and figure out as much about the game as we can from the facts that are presented to us. We know who the main character is going to be. We have a general idea of who the may be, as well as the location of the game. The game is also going to feature sea combat, which was a fun little side quest from the previous game. "

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fredolopez2110d ago

the trailer looks awesome, i can't wait for this game!

Derekvinyard132110d ago

It does look amazing, it just seems so soon

Thefreeman0122110d ago

Yes we get it.. its soon. Everyone in the world knows its soon. but thats how business practice goes these days... its something everyone is gonna have to get used to..

Derekvinyard132110d ago

Gta games take 4-5 years to make, dedication right there. This is called milking

KaBaW2110d ago (Edited 2110d ago )

GTA devs have, if I'm not mistaken, only one team that develops it.
Assassins Creed, on the other hand, have multiple dev teams working on it.
Translation: AC games can be worked on for multiple years, ala AC3.
Although, with the multiple teams, they can release an AC game yearly.

Also, not to mention, that GTA games are much larger than AC games.

stonekilla232110d ago

The game looks good, but im not happy about the pirate theme... They shouldve done it in asia:/ assassins are to asia as white is to rice

GamingManiac2109d ago

I'd say they're saving that for AC:V, did you watch the AC:Embers video that showed Ezios last days, it had Asian Assassins in it.

GamingManiac2109d ago

Love the poster gamestop has for this game. And the trailer looks freakin amazing!