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Don’t Buy EA Games, Don’t Engage In Micro-Transactions – And Get Yourself A PC

Following Cliffy B’s rant to Kotaku, and EA continuing its general nefarious activities, disgruntled gamer Dave McConkey suggests how gamers everywhere can avoid being exploited by greedy mainstream publishers. (Culture, EA, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

mandf  +   907d ago
LOL Pc gaming started micro-transactions.

The author really sounds threatened.
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zeal0us  +   907d ago
Sad but true. Buying a PC won't help you escape microtransaction. Heck it will open it up to you even more, especially if you plan on playing some mmos.

If you think about it microtransaction on console platforms been here for quite a while, in the form of DLC.

At the end of the day there really isn't any way to escape it.
Zuperman  +   907d ago
How about I do whatever the FUCCCCCCCCC I wanna do.
Larry L  +   907d ago
I truly can't understand this sudden movement against micro-transactions. I think it's a great business model when a F2P game launches with micro-transaction in a genre of game "you" love, or with a concept "you" can get into.

They're giving us free games to play, and we the gamer then decides if the experience is worth spending money on. And not only that but we get to decide EXACTLY how much the experience is worth from 10-25 cents up to however much you want.

It started for me with Home. Not only did Home make me a fan of the micro-transaction model, but it's actually the service that got me even comfortable spending real money on digital stuff to any degree. Before then I was 100% against digital, now I'm all for it for alot of gaming experiences I'm into (though not all).

More current examples of great micro transaction games I'm enjoying are DUST 514 and Ecolibrium on Vita, both of which I didn't have to spend a dime to enjoy, but they are good enough to get me to spend a couple bucks to add to the enjoyment because I felt they were wort it (and more). I've spent about 15 on Dust, and I've spent 5 in Ecolibrium and I'm comfortable spending more still on each if I feel I need to or really want something. It's so awesome imo as a consumer, to be able to put the EXACT price on a game I want to pay.

I'm not saying micro-transactions are for every game, but when done right they can be one of the greatest ways to game on a budget.

EA's model isn't micro-transactions as much as it's paid unlocks, that's a totally different thing. That's just taking advantage of lazy gamers with money to waste. People waste money on all kinds of things. I think it's stupid too,but don't be socialist/communist trying to tell people what they're allowed to enjoy or waste their own money on as they see fit.
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DragonKnight  +   907d ago
Larry L: You're talking about Free to Play. Microtransactions are a necessity for those games as they are the ONLY means of income. But EA plans to put them in games that AREN'T Free to Play and already have.

Microtransactions on consoles started with thanks to Microsoft (gotta love the irony in the names) when they instituted them in Xbox Live, so if anyone's looking to point fingers, start with Microsoft, then work your way to EA.
Hitman0769  +   906d ago
word to @Larry L

P.S. This is the craziest gaming week in a while. Hope your fave company comes out looking decent lol. This is like Hell Week for the gaming corps. I'd hate to be a PR at one of these places talking to disgruntled gamers all day. Especially EA's customers.
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JAMurida  +   907d ago
I was about to say. Micro-transaction F2P games are all over PC.
reznik_zerosum  +   907d ago
Game can be f2p only whit micro-transaction
Merrill  +   907d ago
I'm so tired of theses "Get a PC" for gaming articles.

You can't play Playstation exclusives on PC!, only Xbox ones. Getting a PC and Playstaion is the smart choice and whatever Nintendo system is out for the obvious classics.
Hassassin  +   907d ago
I'm waiting for a good Metroid game to buy from nintendo again... but "Xenoblade" X project looks tempting.
Merrill  +   907d ago
If only I could afford Xenoblade Chronicles...one can wish for a reprint.
TronEOL  +   907d ago
Especially given the fact that there are more PC games going F2P with tons of Micro-transactions. Valve does it with Team Fortress 2 and Dota 2, and almost all MMO developers are doing it now.

Consoles are the only systems still using the "full-price model".

The big issue here is not exactly micro-transactions. It's that Publishers like EA are trying to release full, $60 games with Micro-transactions included, and implemented the same way F2P games have them.

If they want to push M-T, they need to release all games designed with that in mind for free. If they slap it on at the end of the games' development (if it's done well and doesn't affect the original non-MT product), then I don't mind.

But DO NOT design a game with Micro-transactions being a part of it's design, and expect to get people to pay $60 for it.

I'm not too worried though. Gaming is still young and has TONS of growing to do. It still needs to find it's place with all these new business options/opportunities. EA and the like will test the waters with this. It's up to gamers to decide on whether or not it's worth their money.
reznik_zerosum  +   907d ago
TF2 and DOTA2 are using micro-transactions to be f2p games so all people can join in and play,you dont have to use it unless u wanna new hat or new mustache.
Flavor  +   907d ago
Yeha this, exactly.

You know what to expect with a free game, but with a $60 purchase you don't want to be nickeled and dimed.

Every time I see some mouth breather ranting about BF4 I remember the abhorrent drek of Bf3 Premium and its endless garbage DLC.
Temporary  +   907d ago
I wouldnt be able to transition from console gamer to PC gamer, i'd miss out on way too many games! Especially GOOD GoTY competitors from awesome console-only developers.

PC gaming would never fill that void.
TechnicianTed  +   906d ago
If I had a choice between only having a gaming pc or a console I'd choose pc gaming every time. There are loads more games to play on pc than on console. I'd be starved with just a console.
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awi5951  +   907d ago
That was in MMO's that have hundreds of hours of gameplay not a 4 hour single player thats been cut down to sale you the rest of it later.
showtimefolks  +   907d ago
i understand the hate on micro transaction but do we really have to buy anything in dead space 3 to really enjoy it? is EA or any other publisher forcing us to buy anything in game? in dead space 3 you can buy ammo or there is plenty around in gaming world for you to pick up

but if someone wants to have unlimited amount and are willing to pay than why should i take issue with that?
JeromeNtheHouse  +   906d ago
Both Larry L and DragonKnight make good points, and I agree with both of you guys. As far as console is concerned, Microsoft were kind of the pioneers with micro-transactions. When it comes to DLC however, a lot of times the developers actually wanna make it free, but Microsoft were the ones who wanted to charge and make money off of it.

I think now tho, DLC and Micro-Transactions are getting out of hand now that damn near EVERY developer is starting to go along with the trend cuz everyone else is doin it. I mean...It gets really annoying when a game JUS releases, and ALREADY there is DLC for it on the first day. Like, C'mon guys...fa real???
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GreenRanger  +   907d ago
"Don’t Buy EA Games, Don’t Engage In Micro-Transactions – And Get Yourself A PC"
I'll do all of that (except the last part).
haggishurler  +   907d ago
What did you write this comment on?
danny818  +   907d ago
MikeMyers  +   907d ago
The problem is it's not just EA. They may be one of the worst offenders but micro-transactions will become more and more common moving forward. Do you know how many items Little Big Planet has for sale? We are also seeing season passes for games like Gears of War where the DLC can all be bought upfront.

These are all tools to take the price shock away from the consumer. They know charging more than $60 for a game is pretty much suicide so they will use DLC as a tactical tool to get more money from you.
classic200  +   907d ago
Get my self a DRM gaming system, lol nope I am a free gamer on the PS3 and love to collect game boxes.

If I was a PC gamer I would be a pirate to be honest I wont bow to DRM like the steam gamers.
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ThreshStar  +   907d ago
"I am a free gamer on the PS3"

Which part? The part where you don't own the hardware that you bought? Or the part where you don't own any of the games you play? Or the part about if you don't agree with their terms of agreements you are null & voided from using said products?
Alos88  +   907d ago
None of that made sense.
classic200  +   907d ago

DRM made you lost touch with reality?
ThreshStar  +   907d ago
*sigh* I was commenting on the irony that people are raising their pitchforks against micro-transactions when they already allowed the gaming industry to enact rules stating you do NOT own your console and you do NOT own the games that you play.

...I guess people are still under the assumption that they're not "renting" their services for a fee.
aliengmr  +   907d ago
Free to play the games Sony wants you to play.

Consoles are DRM. That the point of a closed eco-system. Sony controls the content of its systems. Patch certification?

Never thought anyone would choose a console to escape the tyranny of Steam.

I have no problem with consoles, gamers have plenty of reasons to prefer them over a PC. This isn't an attack on your platform.
BanBrother  +   907d ago
Lol; "Following Cliffy B's rant to Kotaku". Wasit not in his own personal blog, and Kotaku decided to take parts out of it? Why does everyone think that everything is conducted in some hollywood interview. It isn't.
BrianC6234  +   907d ago
I don't need to get myself a PC. I have three. But I don't use them for gaming. That's what my console is for. Thanks anyway.
Count  +   907d ago
Three PCs -> Doesn't play games on them.

What? At least play Baldur's Gate or something! You're not gonna see that on your console. Or Kotor.
Kurt Russell  +   906d ago
I work all day on a PC, and my home PC's are for further freelancing. They are plenty powerful enough to play games, but the thought makes me cringe. As sad as it sounds but sitting on my sofa and playing a console actually feels like a different environment to gaming exactly where I sat to work...
Ethereal  +   907d ago
Sorry, EA has stepped and made some of the best games this gen. I just dont buy microtrans items. No one has a gun to your head forcing you to buy them. Keep releasing awesome games that I see value you and they have my money.
Kaiou  +   907d ago
As much as i hate to say this but get yourself a PC and pirate any game with micro transactions in it + full retail price. dead space 3 is a perfect example, EA doesn't deserve to be supported for being greedy.
R_aVe_N  +   907d ago
I buy whatever I think will be a good game it doesn't matter to me if it is made by EA. And buying a PC will not get rid of microtransactions. Heck most PC games are microtransaction based these days.
ylwzx3  +   907d ago
EA is irrelevant to me being how they have ruined so many games and companies.
a_bro  +   907d ago
"Don’t Buy EA Games, Don’t Engage In Micro-Transactions – And Get Yourself A PC"

PC has been doing this long before consoles... -_-
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Saryk  +   907d ago
Hold on, most PC games are not micro transaction based. Most MMOs are but MMOS are just one genre of gaming on PC. And PC has all genres, remember that!
Jek_Porkins  +   907d ago
No, no and no. How's that work for ya? Considering PC gaming invented the whole concept of Microtransactions.
SpartanGR  +   907d ago
Ummmmm and why not buy everything out there? PC and consoles?
IK IR Y IP T  +   907d ago
thats what i did i have them all and will have them all thats why i consider myself a hardcore gamer ! Xbox mostly but mad arma 3 beta came out today simply amazing !!!
the worst  +   907d ago
PC games suck
contradictory  +   907d ago
just don't use Micro-transactions and DLC

in some F2P games it's necessary to advance
which is why i tend to avoid them

also massive grindfests, imbalanced pvp, forever alone gangs overpowering everything everywhere. etc. etc.

not a fan of MMO's
Martywren  +   907d ago
At least i dont have too get burn out of $60 for a crapy game i can dl for cheap online, i left consoles a long time ago and havent look back sense.
porkChop  +   907d ago
Um... has the author ever taken a look at the PC market? It's riddled with microtransactions, it's much more widespread than on consoles. Where the hell do you think it all started?
artdafoo  +   907d ago
Lets do the math, BF3 + BF3 Premium = $110 for PS3
New video card to run BF3 at decent settings + BF3 + BF3 Premium for PC = $ 200 or more
kagon01  +   907d ago
As if EA is the only Evil publisher for micro transactions, pffft...

What about these hypocrites:

Microsoft: (They are the geniuses that turned our hobby into an abomination, every unethical practice by publishers is thanks to MS)

NamcoBandai:(They introduced charged Disc Locked Content for Fighters such as SCIV)

Capcom:(They used NamcoBandai's idea and over abuse it)

snkplaymore:(Planned & charged Disc Locked Content for KOFXIII)

Konami/Platinum games:(Planned DLC before the game was released MGRising)

Sony: (Everything EA & MS did they copied and applied to it. DLC before the game is released and online pass)

ArchSys:(planned DLC before the game was released Blazblue CS)

Activision: (I don't need to explain)

Nipon-Ichi: (planned dlc, and a game with an incomplete story sold as DLC for Disgaea 4, unbelievable...)

SE: (Selling secret dungeons, and story endings as dlc)

Sega: (Planned dlc before their games where released or cut)

Nintendo: (planned dlc before their upcoming games are released)

Games now at days don't have artistic value at all, instead they're just as valuable as a disposable diaper, there is no reason to defend publishers anymore is not worth it.

At the end the fault is at the foolish "gamers" that support this problem of micro transactions...
yeahokchief  +   907d ago
Ugh I feel like such a hipster for having already been boycotting EA.

Take a second to pause and remember this moment for when their next gen games are released on the PS4 because you know you're going to go back to buying their stuff.
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TRGMatt  +   906d ago
Allow me to rephrase the title: "Don't suppport gaming, hope that developers and publishers find a way to produce the same quality cheaply."

Hope floats, ladies and gentlemen.
RuleofOne343  +   906d ago
Why ,are developers not entitled to make money of their concept. should they always include items that were created for the game, cause they said they were making a game . I mean really I was told of a up coming game no mention of how much content, nor was I promised all content. I hold no ill will towards them for wanting to make more money than the bulk of retail sales after everyone involved get their share.
pissed999  +   906d ago
It's less to do with the hardware and more to do with the fact console users are mostly young children whos mothers bought them one for christmas. They don't know any better.
triplev16  +   906d ago
I have to say the only DLC I've ever bought that I remember was for Pain and Wipeout HD. DLC and micro-transactions rarely get me excited enough to buy them. When I finish a game it's usually up for trade-in or goes into the library.
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Strongmad  +   906d ago
I dont want F2P it opens games up for the unwashed masses to ruin it by acting like asshats zero effor maximum entitlement. Pay to win will either happen or be moaned about so much that a game is just a hate fest. If you invest in a game you put the effor in to learn it and play it well. If you want try before you by that what a demo was for.

DLC im fine with as long as its quality and value for money.

The only good thing about F2P is it had a part in the recent comback of PC gaming.
Tzuno  +   906d ago
Simply don't use micro-transactions.
batbatz  +   906d ago
Agree 100%, the only good DRM is Steam, but EA is too stupid and greedy to do it properly

SlapHappyJesus  +   906d ago
Micro-transactions aren't a problem.
If you don't want them, don't buy them. They are useful for others and their existence in itself doesn't mean anything bad in the industry.

They aren't being abused, at least when it comes to retail releases. For free to plays, well, that is all based on the developer. The fact that the ones that use predatory like systems for their micro-transactions normally don't do nearly as well as those with a fair model says a lot of good things about the industry and the gamers that support it.

So, yeah, I find this to be just another topic for the pessimistic and ranty game public, at least the vocal ones you normally find on the internet, to whine about for a few weeks.

It is really only as harmful as gamers themselves let it become. Let's stop bitching towards the developers and publishers all the time and, you know, try and 'fix' this apparently 'broken' industry of ours.
Coach_McGuirk  +   906d ago
lots of kids on this site

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