Xbox 720 vs PS4: What Microsoft needs to do to win the next-gen war

Pocket lint: Sony has revealed its hand early in the battle to win the hearts and minds of gamers willing to ride the next-generation console bus, at least in part. Its Future of PlayStation event gave us all a glimpse of the sort of games we can expect to see on the PS4 come launch day.

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alousow2113d ago

"more kinect" just give up n join playstation

DeanSanchez2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

I agree. If Microsoft's main focus is Kinect and casual games to try an appeal more to non-gamers, they will be neglecting the hardcore gamers who would line up for days to get their next console.

In terms of power, I doubt it will be more powerful than the PS4, so they will have to really focus on GAMES. Good games. With good gameplay, good concepts, and overall good experiences. Sony presented DriveClub, which in its own way is unique, and looks gorgeous too. They also have Knack, another intriguing game, Killzone, deep down etc. All these games provide something that will appeal to different core gamers, and that is what will sell the console. Overall Sony has a very diverse game lineup. Something Xbox needs to compete.

They need to stop trying to make their next xbox more of an entertainment hub than a games console. Because it's the hardcore that will buy it on day one. If Microsoft wants to compete (with rumors of a more inferior hardware than PS4), they have to focus on the GAMES.

AngelicIceDiamond2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Blah blah from @alousow and blah blah from @Dean.

Allot of what is listed in the article is basically a given, and yes even the GAMES.

I disagree with the article, MS won't "win next gen" I can see it being much like this gen, both Sony and MS even and sharing the market.

These are the two things MS needs to do to to be successful next gen.

1.) Bring the core AAA exclusive games because that's the FIRST thing the media and gamers are expecting.

2.) A re-modeled Xbox Live service.

MP for next gen consoles are standard, and aren't the main functionality for PS4 and 720 MS needs to make Mp and apps free of charge while charging for other parts of the service Xbox cloud and PSN+ type of subscription with free content like games discounted DLC, free movies, music. MS might have a big emphasis on F2P games as well so they might bundle that in with the "free" package along with MP and App usage.

I'm not worried about Entertainment features, Social features and storage. MS will obviously have that taken care of next gen.

@alousow Just like the majority of people on here you need to go back to speculation, logic and reasoning 101. You sound absolutely dumb saying what you just said.

@Pills XBL is a great service, it just needs revamping.

Pillsbury12111d ago

You understand that you shouldn't have to pay for something that is free everywhere else ( multiplayer on ps3, wii u and pc).

Blackhawk32111d ago

Like above. To help "win" which I honestly don't see happening, they will need less Kinect and more IP's. I have a 360 and used to enjoy the Gears and Halo games... I still enjoy a little halo online here and there but its getting stale and in my own opinion really could care less for more gears.

Pillsbury12111d ago

What I have seen happening is Xbox focusing less and less on the true gamers.