Far Cry 3 - Possible Continuation Entitled 'Blood Dragon' writes:

Far Cry 3‘s lead writer, Jeffrey Yolalem, may have given out some hints regarding the continuation of Far Cry 3's story.

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Marcello1992d ago

More Far Cry 3, yes please !!

Statix1992d ago

Full-fledged expansion packs, Bethesda-style? I certainly hope so.

PRHB HYBRiiD1991d ago

yes i just finished the main story and really loved it i was thinking of buying the deluxe bundle but idk i think is better to wait for a full dlc those pre order missions are usually crap.

GearSkiN1992d ago

hope its a DLC campain not a whole game already.

FarCryLover1821992d ago

Hmm sounds like how "Brotherhood" came to be. People heard Ubi in 2010 were making a big DLC and then they say it was a full game.

Maybe this will be a full game ( I just hope FC isn't annualized).

JScotty281991d ago

I believe Yolalem was behind Brotherhood. Great mention.

REDGUM1991d ago

I'm loving Far Cry 3 too. Well made, plenty to do, addictive also. Lol.
More Far Cry.... Yes please.
I haven't finished it yet and am looking forward to playing again with the outposts controlled again with the hardest difficulty setting on.

Just a thought........ I know it's been done before, over and over and over again etc... But, zombie infection mode and lack of weapons would be quite interesting. ????