Castlevania: Lords of Shadow-Mirror of Fate|

GAMINGtruth's Shawn Long takes on the handheld vampire title.

"Castlevania games on the Nintendo DS always had a ‘Teen’ rating. This time around, it has been graduated to a ‘Mature’ rating, and it shows. This game is very dark in terms of story, enemies are often dismembered and blood showers down in most scenes. One fight in particular has you cutting off the hands of a boss, and then slicing his torso in half, all in gruesome detail. Even some sexual innuendos are included, adding to the God of War feel to the game."

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Cam_is_16bit2113d ago

WOW a 10/10? Must be a damn fine Castlevania game. Makes me wish I had a 3DS. Well, almost does.

Captain Qwark 92113d ago

idk, this was slammed pretty hard by a few of sites. average by most. 10/10 seems out of place. im sure its decent but prob not a masterpiece

NukaCola2113d ago

Many mixed reviews. I think there is too much hate now for the old school CV since the metroidvania-style got popular.

Cam_is_16bit2113d ago

Yes, I've noticed how it has been fairly mixed. I suppose it depends on how you feel about the gameplay, really.

Does the 3DS market have demos?

crazysammy2113d ago

There is a demo, and this game is pure shit. I loved Lords of Shadow, and the classic (and most recent DS entries) are all very awesome. This game however is a hot stinking pile of garbage and I am ashamed that the same company that made LOS made this. It has ass controls and visually is worse than any game since the PS1 era.

CoryHG2113d ago

I'm in the process of playing right now so I can review by the end of the week. I read IGN's review and laughed out loud. This is an excellent 3DS game. I like it better than the GOW clone that was Lords of Shadow.

NukaCola2112d ago

YEah, I can;t take yous seriously if you hated LOS. It is awesome on so many levels and it is not a GOW-clone. I think what they did with LOS was epic.

DeejayKnight2113d ago

I was thinking the same thing! That's DEFINITELY a rarity.

Might have to borrow a buddy's 3DS now! :P

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SirNintend02113d ago

Yeah looks like a great game. I can't believe IGN gave it such a low score.

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worldwidegaming2113d ago

Waiting for that game in the mailbox...lets see if that review is right. (avid Castlevania fan here!)

SirNintend02113d ago

My housemates been playing it a bunch, he laughed at the IGN review.

crazysammy2113d ago

Its cool if your buddy likes it, and if you like it more power to you. I played the demo and it was so broken and bad, that I cancelled my preorder. I love all games Castlevania (with very few exceptions) and this game is terrible. Maybe the demo didn't do it justice, but to me if this is a glimpse of the full game I don't even want to rent it.

ptownjbo2113d ago

Damn, a 10? I might have to pick this up then.

rezzah2113d ago

If the next review gives it a 1, would you change your mind?

ptownjbo2113d ago

No, but it seems like this guy actually knows what he is talking about unlike half of these other sites that just talk rubbish.

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The story is too old to be commented.