Far Cry 3 new patch is online includes fan requested features

Ubisoft announced the release of a new patch for Far Cry 3, introducing a number of new features requested by players on both single player and multiplayer modes.

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Arai2110d ago

Ah nice, good that they listen to the fans.
Nice update also, keeps the player coming back for more.
By far the best game this generation for me, haven't enjoyed any other game this much in a while.

papashango2109d ago

impressive. This is like an old school pc patch with the added features.

knowyourstuff2109d ago

I'm surprised they still haven't done anything like a new game plus, or some variation, where you keep something when you start the game, like maybe all your skills, not necessarily your weapons, but all your weapon holsters that allow carrying the most ammo etc. That would be extremely nice.

starchild2109d ago

It might not be my very favorite game of the generation, but it is up there as one of the best.

ChronoJoe2109d ago

Good game but the multiplayer stuff is all kinda' useless on console when there's no party system.

My opinion anyway, MP game where I can't easily play with my friends, is a waste of time.

Sam Fisher2109d ago

Still no vehicles? Wtf is the point on having them in map editor

subtenko2109d ago

So I take it that FC2 (map editor and online at least) > FC3?

lovegames7182110d ago

How opinions can be so opposite. One of the most boring, repetitive games i have ever played and mp is garbage. Played sp 7 hours and never went back and this is coming from a guy who has spent more than 100 hours on both Demon souls and Dark souls so time isnt an issue.

Rhythmattic2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

So "time" is your only value in games you value?

Well seems to me you could of been doing something better than those 7 hours lost on FC3 SP campaign, little lone the immeasurable amount you spent on MP.

Maybe you should of spent 103.5 hours both (each) on the souls ip...

I suppose Im just trying to come to grips with the comparison.... In the end, we all get paid by the hour, so I guess you game by the hour.

BTW, ive only played Demon Souls (not Dark Souls nor FC3) , but enjoyed other games way more that involve way less time.

FriedGoat2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

time + enjoyment = value for money.
time - enjoyment = waste of money and life.

Rhythmattic2109d ago

My point exactly...

An enjoyable gaming experience is what matters... It shouldn't matter if its a 4 hr game or a massive 100 hr campaign

Lykon2109d ago

hmmm i've got the insane edition here but havent really started it yet . just cause two was my favourite game this gen . so im hopeful . love you

KangarooSam2110d ago

Think I'm gonna sell my 3DS and pick up Far Cry 3 today. Watched 45 minutes of gameplay last night and I honestly didn't know I was missing out on so much! I started Just Cause 2 and the whole guns, parachute, cars, huge island thing is awesome. A bigger island and more of an FPS feel seems like it will be amazing. Just sad that I've waited this long. And also that there's no grappling hook for fast travel. :P

IIC0mPLeXII2110d ago

If you are going into Far Cry expecting Just Cause you will be widely disappointed.

And you are selling a 3ds with titles like Fire emblem, Liberation Maiden, Pokemon, and Devil Summoner for a mediocre FPS.....right.

KangarooSam2109d ago

I'm not, I was just pointing out similarities in style, not gameplay.

I bought it for my Zelda and Mario fix. Not really feeling it anymore.

FriedGoat2109d ago

You're telling him he is selling a console and mentioning poor games and games that haven't even released? I could sell my 3DS in a flash, I sold pretty much all my games for it as they lacked content and i'd done everything pretty quickly in them. Only have ocarina left, hopefully Nintendo can start putting out some good titles with more than 6 hours of content this year.

ZBlacktt2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

You will totally love this game. It's real world, open world with a lot to do. Had such a blast playing it.

TXIDarkAvenger2109d ago

You do what you want but I don't understand why you would sell your 3DS for FC3. It's like $60 which I'm sure you can find on sale and save up a little cash to get.

ZBlacktt2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Awh yes, the online game that has Drake, Sully, Flynn and Chloe.

Lou Ferrigno2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

Amazing game, probably one of the best FPS of this gen .. Super fun and addictive :)

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The story is too old to be commented.