“Piracy won’t be as big on the next generation hardware” – Avalanche Studios

"There was a lot of brouhaha over anti-used games tech and its supposed presence on next-gen systems. Sony has been saying cryptic things while Microsoft is awfully quiet on this matter as well, but more will be revealed as we come closer to the next-gen console launch."

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torchic1177d ago

"Sony has been saying cryptic things"

how criptic is "no"?

ATi_Elite1177d ago

Very true if they keep making the same Generic Games that are not worth buying but make great Rentals.

Anyway Next Gen consoles may incorporate always on Online DRM!

Plus an influx of MMO type games will also combat piracy.

(Pretty much following in the PC's footsteps)

Lulz_Boat1177d ago

and i know why.
50+GB size.

Persistantthug1177d ago

Since Yoshida says 'no'..... then I have no reason to disagree.

Jek_Porkins1177d ago

I doubt that, DRM fails already, so I can imagine how that will continue to fail. The thing is, its like Star Wars said, the more you tighten your grip, the more the games will fall through their grasp.

There will always be piracy.

SnakeCQC1177d ago

piracy wasn't big this gen or are they confusing with the "evils" of second hand games

Gildarts1177d ago

Lol where have you been this Gen? This Gen should be known as the generation of piracy.

cero551177d ago

i will assume you have never owned a dreamcast or ps2?

TuxedoMoon1177d ago

Piracy will always be an issue, imo. No matter the generation, people will find ways to hack their consoles/games and copy games. This will probably only be another challenge for those pirates that have fun cracking consoles.

wishingW3L1177d ago

considering that both the next-Xbox and PS4 will either use x86 or x64 architectures then the fact that they will be hacked is a given. If they hacked the PS3 which is mostly custom tech then imagine what they will do to a console which is basically a PC?

xer01177d ago (Edited 1177d ago )

There is a difference between hacking and having your hardware keys leaked.

Lets be accurate about the PS3, 'hack'.

Gildarts1177d ago

No matter how it is done it is still hacked.

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The story is too old to be commented.