Latest Lost Planet 3 screens and trailer introduce the Snow Pirates

El33tonline writes:

"We’ve just received word of worldwide release dates for Lost Planet 3, the next game in Capcom’s action (and this time, adventure) series, and to follow up that news for a crushing one-two punch, brand new screenshots and a trailer have just been released to give us our first looks at the Snow Pirates, and a new Akrid enemy, too."

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WarThunder2114d ago

I'm so getting this game!

antiai2114d ago

I hear ya, It looks much more story driven. Looks as if it could be a prequel to part one of the game.

MestreRothN4G2114d ago

Here comes another great franchise turned generic.

"Yaaayyyy shoooott shooott shoooooottttttt everything!"

Mark my words.

cleft52114d ago

Correction, this was never a great franchise. It amazed me that they made a part 2 and I am completely baffled that they are making a part 3. Lost Planet 1 was a solid game for the early 360 titles, but it was never great. Lost Planet 2 was one step away from being terrible, the only redeeming factor was the multiple player and mechs and that barely made the game "meh." They can only go uphill with LP3.

MestreRothN4G2113d ago (Edited 2113d ago )

I'm mostly a console player, but I have to say that this is good on PC and that's it. Frame rate is terrible on 360 and kills the experience.

But it was nice, had a very different feel, art style.

Now, though, yay, Unreal Engine shooter number 1.000.000. Congrats!

Then they wonder why game companies bankrupt...