Lego City: Undercover May Get DLC, Takes 60 Hours To Beat - Interview

NowGamer: TT Fusion's Loz Doyle spoke to NowGamer about Lego City: Undercover, the upcoming Wii U exclusive.

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Wizziokid2083d ago

I'm looking forward to this, sounds like a fun game to kick back and play

MikeMyers2083d ago

I agree. This was one of the titles on my radar from the beginning.

falcon792082d ago

LegoCity looks like major fun.

All ready pre-ordered it the limited edition.

gpturbo812083d ago (Edited 2083d ago )

60 hours here vs. 6 hours for crysis 3. both $60. hmmmm...

lilbroRx2083d ago

This is one of the "differences" that people who game on Nintendo consoles look at as opposed to on other consoles.

I will be getting this game because it is actually worth its asking prices(ie, its offers more than just performance boasting.)

porkChop2083d ago

"This is one of the 'differences' that people who game on Nintendo consoles look at as opposed to on other consoles."

I like how you snuck that little jab in there. Very mature. Unfortunately for you it isn't true at all. In case you didn't notice, this is an open world game, of which there are many more on other consoles. Open world games are known to be very long. The fact that you guys compare it to a linear action game is pathetic on both your parts.

And to be completely honest, 60 hours to get 100% completion is actually a little short compared to a lot of other open world games on other consoles.

Mcflyy2083d ago

Lego City is actually $50 :)

guitarded772083d ago

I get what you're saying, but that's not really a good comparison. Sure the campaign in Crysis 3 is short... comes out to like $10 an hour for campaign (I know... I'm awesome at math). But they are totally different games. One could make the argument that they could get hundreds of hours out of the Crysis multiplayer. One could also argue that Undercover is only 60 hours if you focus on doing every side mission and finding every collectible. I'm not arguing that Undercover seems to offer a lot for the money, but Crysis 3 isn't a very good test to present an argument for value.

2083d ago
Deku-Johnny2083d ago

I'm actually anticipating this game more than most games being released this year.

mcstorm2083d ago

Same here this looks like it could be up for game of the year for me.

PopRocks3592083d ago

DAMN. That's a lot of longevity for one game (and a LEGO game at that). I think my interest just skyrocketed.

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