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Why Nintendo is Not the New Sega

GenGAME writes: "Lately, there’s been talk that Nintendo is the new Sega. People have been saying that the Wii U isn’t a next-gen console. All over the internet, these claims have been spread. Sure, the Wii U may be struggling at the moment, but to jump the gun and say Nintendo is the new Sega is just ridiculous." (Nintendo, Wii U)

ritsuka666  +   909d ago
The internet doom and gloom ( main here in N4G) don't control Nintendo's future. Nintendo controls Nintendo's future, so they should start by announcing huge games at E3 if Nintendo want to turn this Wii U situation around.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   909d ago
Don't forget to vote on this site. "Excellent" and "Yes" in my opinion.
Great Job by DANIEL BILLS.

I honestly could not tell you the exact details of the carnage in the 2nd Great Console Rivalry- it's good to see what is true and what has been exaggerated by modern journalist.

Yep, Nintendo, Software Only? - No time soon.
profgerbik  +   909d ago
Can we just leave the Dreamcast out of this? How about that?
Count  +   909d ago
The Wii U is not the Dreamcast!

I'm pretty sure I had a lot more fun with my Dreamcast.
stragomccloud  +   909d ago
Great read. Too bad no one will actually read this, nor consider the facts as to why Sega went software only and Nintendo won't. At least not for the foreseeable future.
BitbyDeath  +   909d ago
I agree with the author, Nintendo should have enough money in the bank to start a new console even if the Wii U continues to sell below expectations.
bullymangLer  +   909d ago
yes they are not
animegamingnerd  +   909d ago
didn't nintendo say if they keep losing money they will go bankrupt by 2052 so nintendo haters you guy's have to wait 40 more years
LastXeno  +   909d ago
It seems Sega was in the hole way before the Dreamcast. To say Nintendo will go third party especially coming hot off of Wii, DS, and 3DS is just absurd.
Betterwithkinect   909d ago | Spam
LastXeno  +   909d ago
Don't hit and run, tell me why you disagree. Sick of you Sony drones and this Nintendo is doomed BS.
josephayal  +   909d ago
not a bad console but
I Think The Wii u will sell more then gamecube but nowhere close to the Wii
Jek_Porkins  +   909d ago
The main reason they aren't Sega is that they haven't lost consumer confidense the way Sega did. Sega kept putting out add-on's for the Genesis and then just abandoned them in a short amount of time, meaning people would buy these things just to waste their time and money.

Nintendo has huge successes with the Wii and 3DS and even the regular DS brand. The Wii U is still on par with what the PS3 and Xbox 360 did this early, so there is plenty of time and games to come to the rescue.
RogueStatus28  +   909d ago
Not to mention Sega didn't have as many well known franchises to fall back on concerning sales such as Mario, Mario Kart, Wii Sports, Smash Bros, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Animal Crossing.
sandman224  +   909d ago
Great news everyone. I just sold my wii u today. It was a great feeling of relief. I'm just going to stick with my ps3/360.
Karpetburnz  +   909d ago
I diddnt even buy a Wii U to begin with, im saving up for a PS4.
DivineAssault  +   909d ago
nintendo has to get it together really soon.. Im not seeing anything they do or have appealing anymore.. I have around four 3ds games & the 5th was Fire Emblem (which is really awesome) but thats not good enough for me.. Castlevania ended up being a let down & i dont want anything else they have incoming.. Their publisher support SUCKS! Wii U is even worse.. Mine hasnt been played since December.. I really feel like i wasted my money buying it.. I honestly would rather them go segas route & just make games.. The hardware they make isnt all that great to me but like i said, im just now feeling that way after DECADES of loyal support.. It would be perfect if they just made accessories & games for other platforms
Blastoise  +   909d ago
What about Animal Crossing or the Pokemon game coming out in October? Those are the games I bought a 3DS for in the first place. Theres also etrian odyssey 4 which looks pretty good I'm just waiting for a price drop though.
khowat  +   909d ago
Well you know nintendo isn't really that relevant to any adult gamer and so Nintendo pretty much already has it together with the 3ds, and it won't be that hard to get it together with the wiiu.
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Karpetburnz  +   909d ago
I still like Nintendo because of Pokemon which is why I have a 3DS, But im not gonna buy a Wii U because I already have a PS3 and im saving up for a PS4.
khowat  +   909d ago
It would be sick if Nintendo went third-party but did it well. I mean imagine the look on all the PS fanboys' faces when they read the headlines saying that Nintendo posts record earnings at the end of a phenomenal fiscal year. They spent years saying Nintendo should go third-party, and Nintendo says "Thanks for the advice."
Fullmetalevolust  +   909d ago
what a disgraceful, and poor in taste, comparison. Sega was a great hardware company, it provided hours upon hours of great innovative games, and the games truly made the consoles what they were, the dreamcast forged an identity bc of its fun, easy to take on games and it was the golden era of japanese games...the market had moved on and simply couldn't see the greatness of the system until it was too late. The same can be said about the sega saturn, it was a dedicated game console and its titles are classics and sell for hundred of dollars. Of course, someone will disagree and give me the : if they were so great, how come they ended becoming a software company...? and all I have to say to that is: most gamers I know would love for Sega to become a hardware company again.
Benjaminkno  +   909d ago
This article is extremely redundant.

Who are they trying to convince?... people who are scared that Nintendo is coming back?
Deku-Johnny  +   909d ago
No matter how bad a console is doing it's impossible to tell if it'll be a failure within like the first 6 months or so. Look at Nintendo's current handheld, it was doing so badly at first they had to do a massive price cut and now it's on what? 30 million sales worldwide? Let's just see where the Wii U is in a year or two.
HalfNerdHalfAmazing  +   908d ago
It doesn't matter if Nintendo fails with the Wii u they still gonna put out another console
Xer0_SiN  +   908d ago
after the fail u goes down in a blaze of glory. then, and only then will we start seeing a zelda, a metroid, a f-zero, a golden sun on a sony console. just think about it. nintendo would look good, stepping in line behind sony, supporting their playstation dominance with exclusives like the ones mentioned earlier.

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