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Fire Emblem Fates homophobia: Gay character in Nintendo 3DS RPG is drugged to 'turn her straight'

15m ago - Despite being the first Nintendo game to allow same-sex marriage, one sub-plot in 3DS role playin... | 3DS

Her Story review | Yahoo

27m ago - This is not just video game storytelling at its best, it is a unique form of interactive narrativ... | PC


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Her Story and Layers of Identity and Meaning

30m ago - NYMGamer: "Since its release, I’ve spent a lot of time playing, and thinking about, Sam Barlow’s... | PC

Review: Her Story | Not Your Mama's Gamer

35m ago - With a strong narrative and great acting, maybe even the “walking sim” haters will jump on this o... | PC

'Her Story' Asks You to Learn Your Story | PopMatters Review

42m ago - Her Story is a tremendous achievement of writing and design. It’s a tremendous game. | PC