Sony's PS4 Looks To Take Market Share From The Xbox

On February 20th, Sony (SNE) finally announced the release of its eighth generation gaming console, the Playstation 4. This has been the longest console cycle in the history of home video gaming. The last time new consoles were released was around seven years ago.

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NeverEnding19892112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Nintendo quadrupled its market share from Gamecube to Wii, while the Xbox tripled its market share from Xbox to 360. SONY on the other hand lost 50% of its market share generation to generation. SONY can't afford another disaster like that.

I think now that the Xbox is an established brand, SONY will have a hard time ever dominating the console wars like the PS2 did.

The PS4 will be judged a success if it can keep up with the growth of Microsoft and Nintendo.

jujubee882112d ago

-PS3 will still have more lifetime sales than Xbox 360

-PS3 had the most first party AAA titles this gen (still more coming with GT6, TLoU, Beyond)

-PS3 had a harder to develop for architecture, still pulled in highest rated, most award winning indy title in Journey. Third parties still built entire teams in their studios just to work with the cell.

-PS3 had the "inferior" FPS controller and online ecosystem .... but PSN still managed to grow and establish itself and PS3 still managed to nab BF3 and FC3 exclusive content away from Xbox hands towards the end of this generation.

Also, this is why NeverEnding1989 has one bubble,


stiggs2112d ago


Not one of your factoids effectively refutes the statements made by NeverEnding1989.

You may not like what he had to say but his assessment is based on actual sales data.

Sony sold about 6x the amount of PS2 consoles than MS did with the original XBOX. This generation the sales figures for each console are approximately even at this juncture. There is no way to spin this situation as a win for Sony even if they do end up coming out on top. MS wins just by leveling the playing field.

Before hate reigns down upon me know that I'm a PS3 and 360 owner. I hope that both companies succeed in the current and next generation.

mwjw6962112d ago

NeverEnding1989 has 1 bubble because this site is full of Sony fanboys that can handle the truth. Not a single thing he said is wrong. But god forbid if anyone speaks ill of the legion that is Sony and its failings.

- PS3 Will barely have more life time sales than the xbox, that is a HUGE difference from last gen where Sony walked away with first place no argument.

- AAA titles that in total could not sell more than 3 AAA Microsoft offered. Kind of sad.

- Yes hold onto Journey as hard as you can its a poor selling high award game. That no one played. Its architecture is still shit, and its sad you have to have an entire team to develop for cell. I can't imagine why PS4 is moving away from cell...

-Mehhh don't care.

Army_of_Darkness2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Are we forgetting that Sony was once very new into the console market and quickly took the market share from Nintendo and Sega for several years afterwards??(PS1-PS2) Let's not forget how Nintendo and Sega were very established back then already.
So what makes you think that they wouldn't be able to achieve that again?? This Generation was the only Gen that Sony has struggled a little but as you can see, they are picking up the pace and really building momentum for the upcoming PS4!
I will say it now, Sony will once again dominate the console market. But at the same time, I'm glad the xbox 360 pushed them to work harder to satisfy the gamers and developers once again.

kreate2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

"NeverEnding1989 has 1 bubble because this site is full of Sony fanboys that can handle the truth. Not a single thing he said is wrong. But god forbid if anyone speaks ill of the legion that is Sony and its failings"

its not that this site has many more sony fanboys. cuz i remember in 2007-2009 era, this site was full of xbox fanboys.

but the thing is, there's not much to talk about on the xbox side. sure there this new exclusive D movie that's coming out on xbox live but nobody cares about it.

no new games on xbox360 so there's nothing to be excited about.

no exclusives on xbox so that's why xbox fanboys dont care about exclusives cuz there isnt much.

xbox live lost its epicness due to increasing competition and the decreasing of its value.

while sony is trying really hard to give the gamers what they want. sony does deserve the extra pat on the back from gamers for their effort.

once MS shows off their new console and all the new features it will come with (hopefully it isnt a cable box that plays halo/gears), xbox fanboys will come out of their holes to bash on the sony fanboys with their spears.

EDIT: to my understanding, there's more MODs on this site who are xbox fanboys than PlayStation's

awi59512111d ago Show
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Cocozero2112d ago

Shhh don't tell that to the Sony fanboys they will spontaneously compust.

Sony is the only company to keep losing marketshare and its one of the reasons they get closer and closer to bankruptcy

Alos882112d ago

"Shhh don't tell that to the Sony fanboys they will spontaneously compust."
Well at least you sound unbiased and reasonable. :/

CGI-Quality2112d ago

Why even bother posting when you don't know what you're talking about?

OT: Of course they want to take market-share from their closest competitor. I'd be worried for PS4 if that WASN'T one of its goals.

GribbleGrunger2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Shouldn't market share include PSP/Vita/PS3/PS2? I think that's how Sony do it anyway ... but, we all know more about business than them, right?

DonFreezer2112d ago

How the hell does someone diagree with the above facts?Please enlighten me butthurt ps3 fanboys.

Wenis2112d ago

Don't expect to be enlightened by fanboys

Alos882112d ago

So if someone disagrees with a "fact" that you probably didn't do any research on and are just basing on what you think is true, they are a "butthurt fanboy".
Great logic there.

Urusernamesucks2111d ago

They cant reason much when theyr heads are stuck in theyr asses

awi59512111d ago


No its called the wall street journal and Forbes magazine they have been on sony's backside with their continuing market share loss. Ask anyone that actually trade in these company's stock they will clearly tell you sony lost market share that's just a fact. They cant lie about the numbers you go to jail for that.

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classic2002112d ago

Microsoft only hope for next gen is american casual audiences and so far nintendo is having a hard time getting them back or even getting core gamers that are not nintendo fanboys.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2112d ago

OH NO! MS only chance is the USA????? Wow, you mean the biggest market in the World for video game sales? You mean the most important place in the World for your stuff to be "Cool"? Wow~! You mean the place where xbox has won over 2 years in a row in sales????

Oh no! Poor MS is only going to own the biggest market in the World again. Screw Japan.. Nintendo owns that... Cool! Germany can be a PS3 town with all the other small market areas. We will keep the UK at a nice even steven type of place with sony/nintendo and ms all selling close there.

Again... OHES NOES! MS will only win the biggest place for sales in the world. The USA. That's going to suck for them.

GribbleGrunger2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

I just HATE jingoism.

mcstorm2112d ago

@jujubee88 The PS3 could sell 10 or 20 million more than the 360 in its life but NeverEnding1989 is right Sony lost a massive market this gen look at the numbers of the Xbox and PS2 and you will see this.

Sony Made some big mistakes this gen and because of it lost out just like the big N did with the N64 and seeing what Sony have shown off with the PS4 it looks like they have noticed what was wrong with the PS3 and corrected them with the PS4.

No one knows what Microsoft have in store for us next gen so no one can say if they will be better or worse than Sony and Nintendo. Its also far to early to say who is the winner and loser of this new gen as Sony and Microsoft don't have there hardware out yet.

For me I think next gen will not have one console that is 40 million in the lead I see there only being 10 million between the leading and last place console.

cyberninja2112d ago

NeverEndingTroll strikes again. Improve your trolling skills or gtfo. And why are you so butt hurt?

Urusernamesucks2111d ago

Its you people who are butthurt, facts hurt dont they?

DigitalSmoke2112d ago

Its laughable to see how off you are.

How can a company lose 50% makret share when they are still perectly on track to selling over 100 million consoles at the end of their cycle.

Check your numbers, don't be a dummy.

awi59512111d ago

It doesnt matter if they sold 100 million all the consoles will sale that much. Its proportions of all total consoles sold not how many sony just sold. They wont own over 50 percent of the console market so its a market share loss.

piroh2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

you forgot to add PSP numbers, PS2 was standing on its own while PS3 coexisted with PSP

PS2 - 150 mil.
PS3 + PSP 150 mil.

market share of Sony still growing and will be till PS3 will be here

LAZL0-Panaflex2111d ago

Enjoy halo. Oh yeah....gears after watered down gears.

JeffGUNZ2111d ago

How many uncharted games were released this gen? Watered down. Isn't the PS4 big launch game at the moement Killzone 4? Give me a break. sequels are around because they are GOOD and people want more.

Clarence2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Sony lost its marketshare because there are 2 other consoles besides the Playstation on the market
It's will be hard for any 1 console to dominate the marketshare like the PS2 did because of more options on consoles to choose from.

One thing is for sure the Playstation brand is successful already. Name any console besides the Playstation that has sold over a 100m consoles twice in the row.

Actually the PS3 will make 3x because Sony will continue to support it.

Your name should be NeverEndingtroll.

Yeah your right it might be easier for M$.

MysticStrummer2111d ago

lol Gotta love N4G. It's like walking through the primate house at the zoo. Hot fanboy on fanboy action.

It's another patented N4G waste of time article. Shocking revelations from

Qrphe2111d ago

It's hard to tell. If Microsoft with a then weak Xbox brand was able to take marketshare from Sony when its PlayStation brand was the strongest ever, anything is possible.

NateCole2111d ago

Sony must keep up with MS?.

Sony has been outselling the x360 since launch so there goes that.

At the start of every console gen everyone starts at 0% market share. This is something you fanboys must realise already.

x360 started at 0 on Nov 2005
PS3 started at 0 on Nov 2006
Wii started at 0 on Nov 2006

Sony didn't carryover the numbers from PS2 to include with the PS3 to maintain its 70% makretshare that you are talking about because that's not how it works for consoles makretshares.

The same thing happend in the PS1 era. Both PS1 and N64 started at zero. Nintendo couldn't claim SNES numbers to maintain their marketshare dominance then because with every new console gen everyone starts from zero.

You can't claim your previous console market share because that means you are including your previous console numbers with the new one. Basically you forego your console market share at the start of a new gen.

This offcourse is very different compare to say the smartphone or the PC market which is what have you fanboys confused.

Also i like to add that Sony got that PS2 marketshre at the end of the PS2 lifecycle. The PS3 is not finished yet. It's just absolutely stupid for you fanboys to expect Sony to sell million upon millions of PS3's at the start to get a 70% marketshre out of the gate similar to the PS2's makrshare at the end of it's lifecycle.

Urusernamesucks2111d ago

Sony more like sory, because they are STILL lagging behind the Xbox in the charts regardless of what bullshit you read about sony. I got the proof right here buddy

Saigon2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )


Good Post and it is something most people do not think about. And if we want to be technical, Nintendo currently owns the market share for this generation. How long will that last, we will have to wait and see.


Please do not use, Its been reported by national companies that track sales around the world, that Sony has surpassed MS in total sales with this current generation of hardware, its only by a million, but it still occurred, and that is with a 1 year head start from MS and with the PS3 being the more expensive console. VGChartz uses a formula to project or predict the current sales. According to you you, I guess that means that a projected formula over rides actual numbers.

NukaCola2111d ago

Sony will be fine and will deliver amazing IPs and support the PS3 until the developers decide to pull fully next gen.

TomOfAllTrades2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

You seem incredibly biased into finding the negatives and 'what if scenarios' of how the PlayStation 4 could fail.

The PSOne was a different generation
The PS2 was a different generation
The PS3 was a different generation

Each have had the successes and failures, Who knows what the PS4 will bring. The thing you need to keep in mind pal is that it is 'VERY' open to developers and has already one over a vast majority of them.

So far Nintendo's Wii U has not done them any favours in sales (Again this shows how one generation can vastly change, nothing stays the same) We've seen nothing from MS's new console so lets stop backing up their new sales numbers eh?

TomOfAllTrades2111d ago

Could you be any-more against Sony if you tried?
Your blatant favouritism towards another console is laughable; Do me a favour and wait and see what Sony's new sales numbers are before you dictate absolute rubbish on a console which a hasn't even sold anything yet.

kenshiro1002111d ago

And where are you getting this information from?

Jaqen_Hghar2111d ago

A man would point out that a company has nowhere to go but up considering they made every possible mistake this gen until 08. From releasing a year late to being almost twice as expensive to being difficult to program for to having inferior online at first to terrible advertising they could not have done any worse than this 77 million and second place (at worst) finish. Now they will be similar in price, releasing at the same time, developer friendly, have exclusives ready in established franchises, have even (possibly better) online features at launch, and hopefully better advertising with the new firm. How does that not translate to improved market share in your opinion?

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CaptainYesterday2112d ago

It's going to be interesting to see what Microsoft has planned for the next Xbox, I really respect and love Sony for the whole for the developers with the help of the developers maybe that could be there new slogan!

Cocozero2112d ago

When you are in last place its hard not to take marketshare from the leaders

2112d ago
WarThunder2112d ago

Yea your right, its very hard for MS being last place

LackTrue4K2112d ago

Fool, let MS worry about its lack of need to kick them when there down!!

MysticStrummer2111d ago

Yes Coco, you're right. What do you think MS will do to climb out of last?

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oxcar12112d ago

Microsoft... A leader and a game publisher... If you say so... :) you can complain about control, online, 3rd party developers... Anything... Still, i don't like 360, i bought one, i don't use it, it's noisy as hell, overheats, doesn't have bluray, and most of all, it doesn't have what i'm looking for... And you call yourselves gamers... ;)

JeffGUNZ2111d ago

I doubt you own a 360 lol

Saigon2111d ago

[email protected], I have one and don't use it. My wife wanted, so I purchased it, I played a little on it, Bastion and a few others (XBL Games are Good),liked it, but still use my PS3 the most.

lovegames7182112d ago

Shhhhh dont say anything to butthurt and dumb fanboys that sided with and protected the company that screwed consumers out of hundreds of thousands and millions because they rushed out a system they knew would RROD right after the 1 year warranty and consumers would have to buy a new console because Micro wasnt giving you one.

That damn Sony company..... oh wait it wasnt Sony lol
You guys just from a consumer standpoint are really pathetic lol Prtoect a company who knowingly sold faulty hardware and the key word is "knowingly"

first1NFANTRY2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

think of it this way, eventually your mom would cave in and buy you what you wanted if you constantly nagged her.

The ps3 wasn't in her budget so she had to get the lowest denominator for little jimmy.

There's a severe decline of educated gamers especially in America.

There's so much marketing can do when the average gamer is only attracted to shooters.

KrisButtar2112d ago

my launch 360, just RROD yesterday, not a bad run but now im wondering if i should buy another or just wait for the next gen machines

ILive2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

I dont understand how some peple own both systems and brag about how one is "collecting dust" because they prefer to use the other. Lets be honest: the 360 had a momentum in which it could have capitalize upon but failed to do so. It just seems like microsoft has taken their supporters for granted. That's unacceptable. I honestly feel that they should not have tried to force their way into the market with the 360. Their attempt with the first xbox was commendable.