Square Enix planning not to release more social games this year instead focus on “hardcore” gamers

Takehiro Ando, Square Enix’s mobile game division’s producer on his blog: While these kinds of “games” have drawn in a lot of new gamers, the old gamers, the ones used console and handheld games, are being shunned, which is why this year they’re planning on not releasing social games and instead release high quality games that appeal to “hardcore” gamers.”

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ShugaCane2106d ago

SE's mobile game division. Nothing interesting here.

Army_of_Darkness2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

Does this mean that SE isn't selling well with the casuals therefore are running back to us real gamers that use to support them??

Nodoze2106d ago

Translation - this division has not made us any money and we are now having to troll our fanbase to help us out again. Expect a hastily put together cash in effort in the near future.

FU Square Enix - you are dead to many us now

MurDocINC2106d ago

Would love to see another sleeping dogs, it left me wanting more after finishing it.

rezzah2106d ago

Games for phones isn't what console gamers are looking forward to.

Everyone wants FFv13.

Godmars2902106d ago

All I'm hearing are iPhone remakes. Unreasonably expensive ones.

Root2106d ago


Next gen is coming and you want us back....typical

TopDudeMan2106d ago

How many times have we heard this? Bring me versus XIII!

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The story is too old to be commented.