David Hayter Asks How Fans Would Feel if He Wasn't Snake

David Hayter's 15 year role of voicing Snake from the Metal Gear series may be over. A revealing tweet says it all.

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CBaoth1989d ago

it'll when actors get replaced in movies.

knowyourstuff1989d ago

It's simple - David Hayter asked for way more money, and is leveraging the fans to get him more money. Don't people get it? There's a reason he's tagging Kojima and Konami Productions. He wants them to know that without him their game won't sell, and will piss tons of fans off. He's right, the reaction by and large has been terrible.

Diver1989d ago

I am a huge Metal Gear fan but I actually prefer Richard Doyle's version of Big Boss. It was master work in MGS4.

MysticStrummer1989d ago

@knowyourstuff - That was my first thought. Contract negotiation.

EeJLP-1989d ago (Edited 1989d ago )

Sounds like he's trying to get paid $$$$$. See @HIDEO and Konami, they love me, pay me big $$$ or your next MGS will flop.

I see knowyourstuff beat me to the obvious.

Would I like the same person to voice Snake.. yes. But if there's someone that sounds the same, I'm sure he could be replaced if he's holding the game hostage for a unreasonable pay day.

Here's one from a 2 second YouTube search:

I'm playing MGS2HD VR missions at the moment btw.

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ZombieKiller1989d ago

That's like having Kratos give out lolipops instead of death wishes. No thanks.

Abdou231989d ago

If he stops being snake then they should kill snake.

Mounce1989d ago

Problem is this is a duplicate article though....

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Nyxus1989d ago

I don't think it means anything, as it says 'informal poll'. I think GZ will be voiced by Hayter, unless they want to use Richard Doyle (which would be interesting too).

kostchtchie_1989d ago

i would have to rip that voice box out, cant have you voicing / playing anything else if you don't do snake :P

DigitalSmoke1989d ago

I can do Snake.
Relax, i got this.

Aleithian1989d ago

It would be unfortunate if he didn't continue. But if he does stop, it feels right that it be after MGS4. With the send off for Solid Snake in that game, now would be the best time to say goodbye to that era, if at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.