Battlefield 3 End Game has a flying Pterodactyl as an Easter Egg

Pixel Enemy: Just yesterday, we showed you an Easter Egg for Battlefield 2143 that was somewhat hidden in Battlefield 3′s End Game expansion. Now, content producer Westie has found yet another Easter Egg and this one is yet another tease for the much-coveted dino mode for Battlefield 3!

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zerocrossing1935d ago

Can we just have the Dino mod now already?

csreynolds1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Precisely! They know we want it, they know we'd gladly pay for it, this video proves they can model dinosaurs - what on Earth is stopping them?

CapsLocke1935d ago

With such pathetic begging you loosers will never get it.

csreynolds1934d ago (Edited 1934d ago )

What's pathetic is the fact you can't spell 'losers'. If you're going to insult people, do it correctly.


CaptainYesterday1935d ago

What a damn tease!! I guess I'll go play some more Primal Carnage..

csreynolds1935d ago

I so wish this was available on PSN... looks great fun :-(

Peppino71935d ago

Its annoying b/c there isn't anymore more dlc and the devs know some gamers really want it, so they put in stuff like this just to tease. stinks.

supraking9511935d ago

Dino Mode in BF4 confirmed :D PS4 exclusive

yourgodisdead1935d ago

I also spotted an easter egg in pipeline, theres a snow man with an army helmet in the cockpit of one of the cranes.

OT- Didnt a rep at EA accidentally leak BF2143 over the phone to a journalist a while back?

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