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Submitted by Sako 1072d ago | article

Killer Is Dead Wants You To Love And Kill

Eskimo Press: Killer is dead, the upcoming action game by Grasshopper Manufacture, wants you to love and kill. You play Mondo Zappa; an executioner that takes out dangerous criminals and assassins for a living. Wielding a sword in his right hand, and equipped with a cybernetic left arm that can transform into various weapons, Mondo disposes of monsters and bad guys with relentless brutality. From the studio that brought us games like No more heroes, Shadows of the damned, and Lollipop Chainsaw, we can expect plenty of crazy action and style from Killer is dead. (Killer is Dead, PS3, Xbox 360)

yokokoroma  +   1072d ago
The game may be good, but based on it's concept, it's seems like it's No More Heroes in a different skin.
Sako  +   1072d ago
That's not a bad thing ;)
BootHammer  +   1072d ago
Grasshopper Manufacture always delivers crazy action. Shadows of the damned was amazing ;)

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