Interview: Kevin Boyle and Kevin Bruner, Executive Producers of Telltale Games

GodisaGeek: "Although they’ve been going for quite some time, The Walking Dead propelled Telltale into the limelight like never before, so it was with pleasure that we recently had chance to chat with Kevin Boyle (executive producer) and Kevin Bruner (co-founder, executive producer) at the studio."

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DaThreats2081d ago

Hmmm, waiting for Kevin Butler reference

CaptainYesterday2081d ago

Can't wait to play that extra episode for season 1! It's killing me is Clem okay!?!

MrDead2081d ago

Bring me more Monkey Island and Sam and Max....please.

Infernostew2081d ago

Yes a million times! Still excited for their Fables game coming up.

Smashbro292081d ago

Sam and Max is the best isn't it?

Infernostew2081d ago

I would love for them to do a continuation of Firefly. A stretch, I know but it would be awesome.