DmC’s extra DLC episode for Vergil is up

Finally! Now we can see what happens to Dante’s calm and calculating brother once things ended up like that. The first sign is his hair. What’s next?

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BXbomber1453d ago

say what u will but i'm enjoying the dlc, stay hating :)

MEsoJD1453d ago

Yeah, it's awesome! I'm pumped for the next game.

DragonKnight1453d ago

"DmC’s extra DLC episode for Vergil is up."


Root1453d ago

I know right

You can get it in the bargain bin around mine now.....were in belongs

Welcome2Die1453d ago

hey you misspelled garbage can.

GusBricker1453d ago

Maybe after I finish Tomb Raider and if I can find my redeem code.