Vita Software/Hardware Storms Sales Charts - Here's How It Happened

(Includes complete software and hardware charts) "Last week, I noted that the Vita's sales hardware increase was "just the tip of the iceberg" and described why it was just that. As it turns out, yes indeed, Vita hardware started to fly off shelves once news of the price drop got some advertising and became mainstream knowledge. A multitude of shops had at least a few models and colors of the Vita sold out. Additionally, I noticed a lot of stores were sold out of Senran Kagura this week. One has to wonder what the numbers will look like next week. The releases of Soul Sacrifice and Tales of Hearts-R, along with some fresh stock of Vita systems will probably produce another good week for Vita. Below are the Media Create hardware and software numbers, in that order. Vita didn't take the top, but boy did it ever rise from its usual spot in the dirt."

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Trunkz Jr2109d ago

People said 3DS was bad till price drop, now it's on fire, well same goes for the Vita, drop the price now it will sell like hot cakes, mmmmmm hot cakes...

knifefight2109d ago

Somewhere at a pancake house:
"These hotcakes are selling like Vitas!"

r212109d ago

Pancakes are great to have and enjoy, like the ps vita ;D

Kevin ButIer2108d ago

great to see Senran Kagura boobsting PSV sales, if you know what I mean

Saigon2109d ago

Hold up, but this system #failz...

Seriously, i am glad this occurred, but I wouldn't be surprised that more people are going to buy this system because of a price drop. But what if they are buying the system because of the announcement of the PS4, due to its interactivity with the system.

N4g_null2109d ago

Phantasy star online.... And a price drop.

ritsuka6662108d ago

Nice boost, but hardly relevant for the history of the system in Japan. Anyway, Vita numbers will stay "higher" for one more week with Soul Sacrifice, then back into a battle with WiiU for scraps.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2108d ago

@ Trunkz Jr "Funny"

@Knifefight "Funny" *10

@ r21 Not in the same way but... "Well Said"

Muffins12232108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )


kupomogli2108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )

No it's not. The 3DS launched at $250 in the US, 25,000 yen in Japan. The 3DS received a price drop and went to $170 in the US, 15,000 yen in Japan.

The Vita is still $250 in the US and 20,000 yen in Japan. It launched at 25,000 yen same as the 3DS.

In comparison, the 3DS XL is only 18,900 yen, so slightly cheaper.


Muffins 1223's post was edited afterwards. It originally stated "Vita price is now what the 3DS was originally."

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zerocrossing2109d ago

When it comes to games software always sells the hardware, Im sure more people will buy a Vita now but Im still waiting for something that interests me to be released (or get localised)

miyamoto2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

I disagree.

Affordable price point sells hardware first, then games come after.

It works for gaming consoles, handhelds, smartphones, tablets etc.

It also works for the casual and on the fence gamers as the hardcore gamers buy anything no matter how it is priced.

The Dead Has Risen! ROFL!


I hope Greg Miller of IGN is watching as these events unfold. He has trolled the PlayStation brand for the longest time.

PSP outsells the Wii U

Price cut imminent?
Its your move now Nintendo!

LOL_WUT2109d ago

Its what i've been saying but the loyalist on here don't want a price cut to happen for the Wii U. It could really help out Nintendo and push them ahead of the competition, sales wise. ;)

zerocrossing2109d ago (Edited 2109d ago )

If that was the case I would have a Vita by now, a price cut isn't gong to make me any more interested in a console that isn't offering me anything Im interested in.

Right now at least anyway.

SIANSLOW2109d ago

greg miller hates nintendo hes an xbox fanboy

PopRocks3592108d ago (Edited 2108d ago )


The problem is you've been bashing the Wii U since before it even launched so no one can begin to fathom why you have such an infatuation with a Wii U price drop. You clearly don't really care for the machine, so why even ask for a price drop?

At this point it's difficult to say whether a Wii U price drop is essential, though I'm at the point of believing it could be necessary unless the PS4 and Nextbox wind up being priced at least $100 more.

Prices seem to be dictating the market's attitude, so I reckon once the 360 and PS3 are no longer relevant to mainstream audiences and only the rest of the new generation comes out, the Wii U can perform more strongly as the cheapest console hardware on the market.

EDIT: On a side note, why is an article strictly related to the Vita in the Wii U section of the site?

Root2108d ago



You've been defending the Wii U non stop since before it launched so why call someone who dosen't like the decisions Nintendo are making at the minute.

Maybe he would care and actually buy one if it had a price drop. Maybe he thinks it isn't worth it at the minute.

blastcorp642108d ago

Uh, Greg miller is the guy who gave uncharted 3 a 10.0 while saying the ending wasn't that great and was rushed.

Kingthrash3602108d ago

Uh, greg miller works for ign and they are really inconsistent with thier reviews... therefore should be overlooked when it comes to reviews.

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Sersnake2108d ago

@miyamoto and @sianslow I'm not the biggest IGN fan but you are totally wrong about Greg Miller, if something he's a PlayStation fanboy, the same for Colin Moriarty. Actually they are the biggest Sony fanboys on IGN, they are allways pretty open about their love for the PlayStation brand.

miyamoto2108d ago

You spoke in general terms & I answered in general terms. Not specific and personal.

"If that was the case I would have a Vita by now,"

Sure you won't.
It won't work specifically for you but for the general public consumer who are interested to play video games pricing the no.1 deal maker or breaker. Games come after. Though even for games themselves price is no.1 deal breakers too. ie. mobile games.

Generally speaking it has been their behavior ever since.

Freddy_Millz12109d ago

Soul Sacrifice is coming down the pipe within the month.
I'd like to think that that and Phantasy Star Online 2 mixed with the price drop is helping sell the system.

I just picked one up myself, and Im luvin it like a McDonald's commercial directed at black ppl.

Veneno2108d ago

Oh no my brotha', you got ta git yo own........

Kratoscar20082109d ago

And when our price cut will be comming?

tubers2108d ago

I'm confident it would be near the time an international system seller comes out (KZM?).

dbjj120882109d ago

Go Vita go! When will new games be out?

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