Media Create hardware sales (2/25 - 3/3)

Media Create published the latest hardware sales from Japan. The PS Vita sees a big jump with Senran Kagura and the system's price drop.

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Neonridr2111d ago

Wow, that price cut did huge things for the Vita, it actually sold more than the 3DSXL (not both models combined). Very respectable. Let's see if they keep up that momentum.

knifefight2111d ago

Don't forget the good software, too. Phantasy Star Portable on PSP was *very* popular in Japan. Plus it got Senran Kagura this week. :)

But yes, the price drop was definitely a big factor. As I've said elsewhere, March will likely be one of Vita's best months to date, in Japan.

jujubee882111d ago

Let's keep this momentum going! :)

p.s. I really hope a lot of these titles get a US/EU release date. Oh, and SCEA needs to hurry up with a system price drop and memory card price drop.

FriedGoat2111d ago

Juju, the vita dropped to the price we are currently buying it for. Now Japan is paying the same price as us. There will not be a pricedrop in the west, and its totally worth the price I paid.
If you can't afford it, that is unfortunate.

G20WLY2111d ago

Agreed. Interesting that when you add the Sony handhelds together they match the Nintendo handhelds. Don't worry, I'm not deluded, I realise this is just a surge and it bearly scrapes level with the plateaued Nintendo systems! lol

But still, it has to be a good sign and, as you say, let's hope this has a prolonged effect, even if it's doubtful to remain at this level.

It would be great if 3DS/Vita sales were always roughly aligned as it promotes healthy competition and keeps developers and platform holders on their toes! Seemed to work that way for the PS3/360 anyway :)

H4all2111d ago

the mighty vita awakens..

GribbleGrunger2111d ago

Just relax guys ... chill out and keep calm. This is great news BUT don't lose your heads now ... Let's see what the averages are in a months time ... OK? Nice to see though :)

Good_Guy_Jamal2111d ago

Who are you and what did you do with the real Gribble?

GribbleGrunger2111d ago

Nothing's changed here fella lol. Occupying the middle ground is almost impossible on this site.

UltraVegito2111d ago

Listen to him guys,no jumping the gun yet until we see a decent average.

GribbleGrunger2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

Thanks. To me it doesn't matter if the Vita doesn't beat the 3DS in terms of a weekly average (which I doubt it will for a very long time -- if ever). What matters is that a better average is sustained so that it inspires more support from 3rd parties. If only people could think in terms of 10 years instead of 5 ... perhaps we'd see a lot less knee jerk reactions from fans and journalists.

Chillax [Yes I said that ...]

UltraVegito2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

@GribbleGrunger I feel the same C:

I don't care for which console outsells which(really don't considering I own both lol),I only want the handhelds to pump out titles like soul sacrifice,mono's 3ds title,tearway,like the psp/ds were.
From the looks of it the handheld market is shriking,that saddens me and I hope both(well the 3ds is past that route in jap but meh)so that we all can continue handheld gaming.I hate for one to plummet because that would only foward us further in IOS/smartphone game future.

Clarence2111d ago (Edited 2111d ago )

I agree with u. I think maybe 20-25k. I wish they would release a Dragon quest game. The sells would really skyrocket. I'm waiting for a price drop here then I will buy one.

izumo_lee2111d ago

Remember Gribble that this month there are a lot of high quality games coming out for the Vita so don't be surprised that these numbers will be pretty similar the following weeks. With Tales of Hearts R, Soul Sacrifice, Muramasa & Phantasy Star Online 2 getting some traction as well.

The Vita with the release of Monster Monpiece, Demon Gaze & Senran Kagura having its highest sales it is beginning to take a hold of the otaku crowd in Japan.

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talocaca2111d ago

I've seen so many guys playing Phantasy Star on the train!...I'm not alone anymore :)

first1NFANTRY2111d ago

The price is the only thing holding the ps3 and ps vita back right now. overall good numbers for both Nintendo and Sony.

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